Friday, July 31, 2009

Pedal to the metal..on the road again..


Our plan was to have " the pedal to the metal" and head on down Highway One towards our first stop, Wild Rose Campground in Hope, B.C.


This plan?..well it moved very slowly. We joined the thousands of B.C Day travellers heading east down Highway and trucks as far as the eye could see...our fastest speed was 45..the speed limit??..100..who's bright idea was it to travel on the Friday of the busiest long weekend of the summer? We got up to normal travelling speed just east of Abbotsford, B.C, thank goodness!


Anyway, we did finally arrive at the Wild Rose Campground at about 6:30..114 kms travelled today. We are in a pull-thru site with full hook-ups. This is a lovely little park just west of the town of Hope, the wood carving capital of B.C.


It is still very warm here, but we are quite comfortable inside using the power that we are paying for..the air conditioner is humming nice to be cool!!!


Our intention is to get an early start tomorrow for the next leg of our trip..Hope-Princeton Highway stop is Keremeos to visit with my parents. They are staying at Eagle RV Park.


After our visit with them we will be on to our final destination, Osoyoos, B.C. N'kmip RV Park..home for the month of August.

We can hope that tomorrow will not be as slow a go as today was...gotta get up early and beat the rush...


Thursday, July 30, 2009 everyday!

I just finished reading a friend's entry on his trip journal and he mentioned that a friend of his has only a few days left before he leaves this earth..and the last words in his email were LIVE EVERDAY!! true that is..

We are all guilty of having the mentality that we have lots of time and we will do things when we have more year..or the year after....our time here on earth is each day like it is your last, because you just never know what is around the corner..

Keep your family and friends close..and don't sweat the small stuff!!!

Keep an eye on the prize!!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the simple life...please!!!

I just got an email from my parents..they have a Winnebago Vectra and their "toad" is a Honda civic.."OSCAR AND CHARLIE!" They are retired and this is their second year enjoying the rv lifestyle. At the moment they are in Keremeos, B.C. and then they are heading to Twisp, Washington and then back to B.C. and meeting us in Osoyoos, the last two weeks of August.
I wish them safe travels and not too many bumps in the road!!!

They are on vacation for six weeks..doing five stops in six weeks..staying in one place for 6 nights and then moving on to the next stop. Full timing for them is not in the Mom likes all her stuff and needs Dad??..I think he would if Mom wanted too..but you need both people to want the same thing, otherwise it just won't work! What they are doing is working "if it ain't broke don't fix it"..they enjoy the time away in "Oscar" and are quite happy to come back to their home.

Me?..I don't understand that kind of thinking. In the whole grand scheme of things its only stuff..if there was a fire tommorrow..what would be important??..just a few things..and the rest?? just doesn't matter!!!

We would give pretty much anything to have the fulltime life now..but we need to get our things together so when the time is right we will be ready!!

"HOME IS WHERE THE JACKS GO DOWN!"..the view out the windows may change but it is still home!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

meet my new GORILLA POD! it!!

This morning I spent some time on the computer, and then Carlie and I went into Burnaby, job interview for her..wish her luck..! After that we drove into downtown Vancouver to go to Mountain Equipment Co-op.

Driving into downtown Vancouver is not a fun daughter made good use of the horn in the car..and if only her mother had the proper directions things would have been better...

The weather has been so stinkin hot that we can hardly stand we thought that maybe it would be a bit cooler closer to the water..NOT...anyway the purpose of the trip to MEC was to buy a GORRILLA POD..Boris and Natasha have one and good ole me..gotta have one too!!!

With purchases in hand we left home..Carlie went to the beach with her friends and I wasted the afternoon glowing (sweating).

Dinner was comprised of SUSHI..once again too hot to cook..even too hot too eat!!

I also made reservations for friday night, july 31st..we were suppose to be leaving for Osoyoos on saturday morning..but change in plans..friday it is..with all the other crazies that are trying to escape the lower mainland on the B.C day long weekend..

We are staying at the Wild Rose Campground in Hope, B.C. We stayed at this park last it will be good for one night..a pull through power site..AIRCONDITIONER HERE WE COME..this way we will be able to climb the Hope-Princeton Highway early in the morning..beat the heat...our first stop will be Keremeos and the Eagle RV parents are staying there for a few days and we are stopping to visit with them before heading to Osoyoos.

We only have four more summers to spend in this lovely heat!!!..counting down the months!!! seems now that writing this blog is therapy for me..gotta stay some days I will ramble on..and other days there will be not a thing to say..bear with me as we go through this transition..
Over the last couple of weeks, we have had an epiphany...fulltiming or heading in that direction needs to be our focus.

We have gotten lots of advice from other new fulltimers..just fresh on the road, as to their journey to get the wheels on the bus(or trailer in our case) moving in the direction that you want to go...the one thing they said was to purge and purge again!!..and then purge somemore!!!..look out value village..some stuff will be coming your way!!!

Well, I have decided that the start of this purging will begin with me...I am a scrapbooker..i have about 12 albums already done..this will be a hobby that i will not do as much of now...the books are too darn heavy to carry on the road with us.. I will complete the ones I have started already but as July 10th 2009..there will be no I will be using the computer technology of our trip journal.."keep and eye on the prize 2014" to store our memories. It is not that I dont like scrapbooking but it is not a realistic hobby to be doing when you are living in a trailer...

Monday, July 27, 2009

I just started using this blog today..this will be our blog on our journey towards full time rving..

We have been home for only 24 hours and it is so hot here..we are melting!!! was shopping time for groceries and pet food items..on the road again on Saturday..yippee back to air con ..even if it only in our trailer..the fans here just arent cuttin it!!!!..

Note to self..stay on the Oregon Coast for the whole summer!!!!

home again

We have a 24foot cougar travel trailer and a f-250 ford diesel truck. We have had the pleasure of meeting many full timers. We love the rv lifestyle..freedom on the road.. We live in Coquitlam, British Columbia and are still working( we know that is a bad word) but we are "keeping an eye on the prize 2014". We have to continue working until approximately June 2014 and then it will be our turn for life down the highway.

We just returned from a great holiday on the Oregon Coast..after travelling 2664 kilometers and taking over 400 pictures..we are home again and trying to stay is not working too well..

We are off again on August 1st for a month in Osoyoos..well a month for me..mumzilla....bigdawg has to work for two weeks and then it will be his turn for some fun in the sun..and join me in our lounge chairs as we soak up the lovely Osoyoos sunshine..

This blog will explore our journey as we head towards "keeping an eye on the prize"

Sunday, July 26, 2009

home we go..


We had a quiet night at Burlington KOA..we even blew the dust of the propane fireplace and had a little campfire once the thunder and rain stopped. A couple shots of sambuca and we were done for the evening.

Our intention was to be up early this morning and get the trailer organized for our next that of course, included doing laundry among other things.

We managed to be on our way at 11:30 am..leaving our neighbours, Andrea and Cornell Schmidt behind to enjoy the beautiful sunny day..we met these fine people two years ago at the Burlington imagine our surprise when we pulled in yesterday and they were parked right beside us..what a small world!!


Today is the last leg of this lovely holiday..we headed north on the I-5 and then took exit #255, Sunset Square, and headed east on W-542, through Whatcom County.

20092071604382032009207160442060 This is a lovely 2 lane country highway, going through lots of farmlands and rolling hills. We then headed north on W-9 towards Nooksack and the Sumas border crossing.

2009207160447112We arrived at the border crossing at 12:40 pm and managed to be through at 12:56 pm..I guess the border guard like all our answers to his 20 questions.



We then travelled west on Highway 1 towards Langley and the new Golden Ears Bridge..when we left home 16 days ago the toll was free..not so today..oh well it saves a lot of time!!


We managed to get "Freeway" parked at the storage lot in Pitt usual there is an issue to try and get down the driveway…welcome home…??



and we were home, in Coquitlam at 2:15 pm.

Home again...Doug is snoozing on the couch, Tucker is asleep, the fans are blowing all the hot air around..I miss the ocean breeze!!..Oliver, the kitty, is very happy that we are all home again..


little does he know that we are leaving again on August 1st for Osoyoos, B.C. for a month!

As this two week vacation comes to and end..we will cherish all the memories we have of the beautiful Oregon Coast and the new friends we made, may your travels be aplenty..until we meet again!!!

We travelled 2664 kilometers (1665 miles)..yes, Doug did all the driving....and we took over 400 pictures..thank goodness for digital cameras!!

Stay tuned for more adventures from "Bigdawg and Freeway".....more to come....

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Burlington, Washington


Yet another travel day for "The Bigdawg and Freeway'...we left Paradise Point State Park at 8:00am.

We were very well organized and managed to be on time..the driver was very happy. We only have to drive 350 kilometers today!! (219 miles)


Our travel plan was for our first stop to be the Cabela's in Lacey, Washington. We managed to find the very store with our google map that we had prepared before we left Port Orford.


Tucker was going to wait in the trailer we popped out the slide a bit, gave him some water and turned on the fantastic fan ..but this was not before we had to clean up the three smashed corelle bowls that had fallen out of the cupboard, the cutlery drawer was emptied onto the floor, the oven items also on the floor and the fridge had opened..hitting the screen door and denting it, but not before depositing a few items on the floor and then it closed again.

Can you say DISASTER!!..and no, Doug was not driving like a maniac..the I-5 was full of construction and lots of bumps and grooved concrete so needless to say our little trailer bore the brunt of these bumps.

Cabela's is a hunting, fishing and camping store. The store is 185,000 square foot retail showroom featuring a decor of museum quality animal displays, huge aquariums and trophy animals inter-acting in realistic recreations of their natural habitats. Cabela's has high quality retail items and we managed to come out of the store with a bag of goodies.

Pictures62After Cabela's we headed north again on the I-5..Burlington, Washington here we come. Our favourite KOA is our home for tonight.


We managed to make it here unscathed and are now happily parked, the rain is coming down and there has been some thunder clouds. The awning is out for the first time since July wind here..just rain..something we have not seen since our drive south on Highway 101 two weeks ago.

Heading home tomorrow..Canada here we has been a while!!



Friday, July 24, 2009

Paradise Point State Park, Washington


The youngest "peeps' have left Port is travel day for the "Bigdawg and Freeway".


We left POV and our new friends, Gordon, Juanita and Bodie standing in our campsite taking pictures as we drove away.


We were sad to leave but WE WILL see these fine folks again. The "wiseman" will not be forgotten..his "peeps" may left him but he is forever in our RVing hearts.


We headed north on Highway 101, towards Reedsport and then headed east on OR-38, travelling along the Umpqua River. By 11:00 am we were at a rest stop just north of Eugene, Oregon...time for a lunch break!!!


After our little break, we joined the rest of the travellers on the I-5, heading north towards Portland. Once we reached the north end of Portland the traffic was very heavy all the way to the Washington border.

We were very happy to reach our exit #16. We were both tired and thirsty, but glad to be at Paradise Point State Park.
This state park is very close to the I-5..a nice family park with lots of kids and dogs running about.


It is "happy hour" time..paralyzers are on the menu..after our long travel day of 495 kilometers (310 miles for our American readers).

We will be falling asleep tonight listening to the vehicles travelling along the highway that never seems to sleep.

2009206181745570Tomorrow is another travel day, next stop is Burlington KOA in Burlington, Washington.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

See you down the road…


This was our last full day at POV. Twelve days of perfection..sun, sand surf, wind and great friends and good times.

Today we said "see you down the road" to our newest Rv friends, Paul and Mary(aka Boris and Natasha).

2009204123141642 Brand new full timers heading out onto the road for a life filled with new adventures..a new view out their windshield every day..


how we envy them..home for them will be where the "jacks go down and the slides come out".


We have thoroughly enjoyed meeting them and we know that we will see each other again. Drive safe and keep in touch!..we will miss your smiling faces, but we will be faithful readers of your keep on writing so we can live vicariously through the two of you!!

2009204123157031After the departure, it was a quiet day at POV..Doug washed the trailer and the truck, and we gave Tucker a bath. We tried to get organized for our travels tomorrow to Paradise State Park in Washington but we are both in a sad state of denial.

We had a pleasant end to our day..dinner with "the wiseman and Juanita". The impromptu dinner consisted of Doug's famous nachos, and home made brownies and Umpqua ice cream supplied by the lady of the Carri-lite.

We are going to miss these fine people will be hard to leave Port Orford tomorrow morning but we will meet our "wiseman" and Juanita again.

Our next stop is Paradise State Park..479 kilometers from Port Orford. We feel that we have done Port Orford justice and taken over 350 pictures in our time here. We have enjoyed this vacation but it is time to head towards home because someone has to go back to W#@K.

As we say so long to Port Orford, we will cherish our memories here and the new friends that we have made. We will return one day to visit this beautiful area two days are the same on the Oregon Coast!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The curse of the wiseman is over...third time lucky!!


Port was perfection at it's was a day of sun,sand wind, fog,friends, food, wine and lots of great memories that we will take with us when we head on down the road towards home.


We spent the morning walking on the beach at Paradise Point..


From the beach we could see Cape Blanco not enveloped in fog..the "wiseman" curse has been lifted.


Finally after being in Port Orford for almost two weeks, we were going to get some photos of the lighthouse not blanketed in fog.

When we had arrived twelve days ago, Gordon said he was waiting for a foggy misty day to take some some pictures of the lighthouse, well he got his wish..fog constantly. We visited the Cape Blanco twice and had no luck with the photos I wanted..FOG FREE..until today!!!


After Cape Blanco we went to take our final pictures at Battle Rock Park..a very windy day today..lots of surf hitting the beach.


This evening Juanita had organized a pot luck dinner in the social room for the "PEEPS AND THE GODFADDA{AKA..THE WISEMAN}.


Our menu consisted of blue chouters, brushetta with goat cheese, rotini and chirzo sausage, ceasar salad, garlic bread and lots of wine to go around the table a few times. Dessert was a homemade pie made by Juanita with huckleberries that had travelled all the way from the Cassiar Highway to Texas, Idaho and then back to Port Orford.

Pictures59 Our little pot luck party ended with Gordon and Juanita giving all of us two packages of Alaskan fish..we can't wait to taste it..we will think of these fine friends as we savour the fish when we are in Osoyoos, B.C. in August.

Today was a great day filled with many memories that will be  permanently in our hearts.

p.s. We wish safe travels to my parent as they embark on their vacation.we hope "OSCAR AND CHARLIE" get along...see you in August!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The "wiseman"..tour guide EXTRAORDINAIRE!!


We got us a convoy..well a convoy of two!!


We left POV at 9:30am with our tour guide leading the way north on Highway 101. It was a foggy morning in Port Orford but by the time we left the sun was beginning to shine..another great day was on the way.

Our first stop on our road trip was Misty Meadows for some more of their delicious marion berry jam and there was even time for a geocache hunt..GOT JAM..Gordon was the lucky one to make the discovery this time.


We headed back out onto the highway..fog or was it cloud was rolling in..and there was even a couple of raindrops on the windshield..were we seeing things.??..have not seen that in a while.


Our next stop was the town of Charleston and yet another geocache..this is a multitasking tour..Anchors Away and Doug was the finder this time around.

After the geocache success we proceeded to Shore Acres Botanical Garden..the dogs had to stay in the vehicles while we all strolled through the lovely gardens..


and admired the view from the lookout point. It was foggy but we could only imagine how beautiful it would have been if the sun was shining.

After Juanita made her purchase of a lovely pair of dragonfly earrings we made our way to Simpson Reef...for all you wrestling fans out there..


"CAN YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING?..try about 1500 seals making a heck of a lot of noise out on the reef.


The fog was very thick so the view was not too clear but took a few foggy photos anyway.


Our last tour stop on this journey today was Cape Arago..another foggy stop but the view was spectacular.


Our tour guide did not stop is "LUNNER"..lunch and dinner combined..kind of like brunch.

After going around the block a few times we finally arrived at our restaurant choice for our meal..


great burgers and malts..good old fashioned cooking ..gotta love that!!!


Heading back to Port Orford we decided that Gordon Pierce..our the tour guide EXTRAORDINAIRE..

Everywhere he has recommended has not been a disappointment and today was no exception.

2009202224534077As the day comes to a close must be time for some Disaronna..a perfect end to a perfect day....

Aww nuts…

How on earth does someone do a recap of the past seven months?… The last post that I did was on May forward to today, December 3...