Saturday, October 31, 2009


There are three 'happys' at our house..oldest first.."Happy Halloween" everyone..hope you get lots of candy!!

Second happy is "Happy Anniversary" to us..we got engaged on Halloween in 1980..29 years ago..where has the time gone!!!!..and what the heck were we thinking????..grow old with me..the best is yet to be!!!

The third happy is "Happy Birthday Tucker"..our devil child year ago today he was born..our lives have never been the same since he arrived!!!..We spent the afternoon at Buntzen Lake with Tucker's sister Harmony..they had a play, a swim and a birthday cake!!!..great fun for everyone..a sunny autum ice cold lake..some mud..what more can a birthday dog as for!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's a Dog's Life!!

For those of you who are pet you ever wonder what your pets do all day while you are at work..Well this morning I got a glimpse into the life of our "boy"..He gets up at 5 am..goes out to the bathroom..has his breakfast..I take him for another walk around 6 and then he wakes Carlie up..and then the picture above  says it all...BAD POOCHIE!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

rainy days and mondays..never get me down..NOT!!

A very soggy morning ..a wet, stinky dog..this is an umbrella day and not the sun umbrella kind to work we out for the puddles..gonna be a wet one!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday is a day of rest?..not if you live at the Bidniak house!!

Once again a very busy Sunday..we started our day early..heading to Mundy Park in Coquitlam to meet Ed, Judy and their golden retriever Emme..Tucker's girlfriend..yes, she is feeling better..a gastro-intenstinal problem..$640 later but she seems to be on the mend..We strolled around the perimeter of the park as the dogs ran through the forest, and the water and of course, the mud.  Some dirty dogs when we were's only dirt and they had a great that is what's important.

After our walk we went to White Spot for breakfast, two breakfast wraps with a fruit salad on the side..delicious..once we were fed and shopping time....Save On Foods, Costco, Langley Market for fresh fruit and vegetables..and then to Superstore...I do wish we could find just one store to do all our shopping..oh well it fills the day...

Shopping was complete around 1 pm..we headed back over the newly opened $198 million dollar Pitt Meadows bridge towards home and to put all the groceries away..during our shopping, Doug realized that he had misplaced his cell phone???..where?..who knew??.I was just about to make the call to Telus when my cell phone employee at Costco had Doug's phone..yippee..!!!

Back in the truck and we made the return trip to Costco to pick up his phone and then it was off to Ikea..I know we are glutton's for punishment..I was on the hunt for a new duvet cover..and where better than the infamous 'Swedish Walmart'.

It was now 3:30 and we are both tired and would love to go home and take a nap..but no- more chores..bought some new light bulbs..the new enery efficient kind..tried to replace an old one with the new one..the old one broke, exploded..blew the everywhere..disaster??

Will this day ever it's time to make dinner, and lunches for work tommorrow..We are heading back to work for a rest!!..maybe next weekend will be  a restful one???

As the rain is coming down and the wind is blowing ..I am thinking of our friends, Robbie and Puerto Vallarta.. in the sunshine- sun and sand and a mango vallarta sounds pretty darn good!!..have one or two for us.!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

saying so long to 2009..till next year!


Our 2009 "camping" season has come to an end for this year..we will be emptying out FREEWAY in the next couple of weeks and the water will be drained from the tanks, the lines blown out and the anti-freeze added...

2009294063137101 for those of you full timers who don't have to go through the process..good on you!! day we wont either..only four more times after this year for us!!

It is a sad time for us even though we have our great memories of 2009 to keep with us until 2010....we are already looking forward to next year!

A trip down memory lane and keepin the dream alive!!

Today was a gorgeous sunny, autum day..we had no real plans until we got a message from Lana,  the breeder we got Tucker from..and she said come on out for a visit!!

We headed towards the Fraser Valley and into the town of the home of the Hergotts..Tucker's mom and sister live here...Sara and Emma...the three had a great time playing..running on the grass, chasing the chickens..catching the ball..well Tucker hogged the ball but what else is new!!

After we left the Hergotts, we headed towards the east side of Chilliwack in search of the house that my family lived in when I was five years old...with the google map in hand and the address in my head we were in search of 205 Lewis Avenue..once again we had no luck..all the numbers were in the 4000 range..don't know where we went wrong..we went up and down the street a few times and had no success..we did find the elementary school that I went to  though...Mc Cammon Elementary..Grade One..!!

Once we were done with our trip down Tucker's memory lane..going back to his birth place..and my trip back to my roots..we headed towards ..yes you guessed it RV row..Yale Road West..Cottonwood RV was our first stop ..home of the Big Country Fifth Wheels..all were locked tighter than a needless to say we did not stay to O'Connor RV..home of the Carri-lite, Cameo, and Regal Fifth Wheels. We meandered through all the choices..maybe a Regal??..or maybe our old standby the Montana??..who knows..we have lots of time to look, plan and decide..gotta keep the dream alive and looking seems to help with that...keeps us focused!!  Keep Our Eye on the Prize 2014!!

Time to head home..our little impromptu day trip is coming to a close..with one quick stop at Freeway to pick up some chicken noodle soup and a few other groceries that were in the cupboard..(may as well eat what we have in the trailer rather than going to the grocery store)...we headed towards home..
Home of Lafarge Lake and some great photo opportunities!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Friday everyone!!

Happy Friday everyone..another weekend is almost here..heading late into work today..waiting for a contracter to show up this morning to look at the flood damage from last that it has all dried up..geez!!!!!

It is a wet and rainy morning here ...and we have no real set plans for the weekend..just going to hang out around home and do our usual weekend stuff!!..don't be jealous..I know our life is so exciting!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Life is a coin...

As I sit here and think of all the times I have complained about how it is taking so long for the next stage in our life to begin..I have to be thankful for all that we have..things could be worse...

Yesterday seemed to be a day for sad getting worse than the other..Doug mentioned about a homeless man who "hangs around the Mc Donalds" on Annacis Island..he is there every day..just "hangin around"..and every day like clock work, Jade (an employee that works with Doug) goes in a buys three for himself , Doug and the homeless man..and often there is a warm  apple pies to go along with the coffee.....a kind heart, Jade has..for a young  man he has an old be so giving at such a young age is a trait to be proud of.

Story number two...Tucker has a dog park buddy named, Charlie..a beautiful golden retriever who's mom and dad, after 26 years working for the same company have now lost their jobs and are thinking they may have to find Charlie a new home...they work where they live and along with losing their jobs they will also have to find a new place to live..

And number three is Emme..Tucker's girlfriend....she is at the vet's..been there since Tuesday night..they are not too sure what is going on with her....we can only hope that all will be fine with her...

So, in closing  I have come to realize that things could be worse..we could be homeless, jobless or thankful for what you have because you never know when it could be gone...

Life is a coin, you can spend it anyway you wish, but you can only spend it once.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A gift?

The greatest gift is not what you want, but rather knowing that you have all you need.

Not that our life is so could be better!!  We can hope for some major changes in the near future..but for now we will plug away and be happy with what we have!!  Our glass is half full -not half empty!!!
Today is a gift that is why it is called the 'present'.

Monday, October 19, 2009

sequim, washington

Monday night at our house and all I can hear is WWE..wrestling for those of you who don't know.We had a lovely overnight stay in Sequim, Washington this past weekend. Our friends, Gord and Juanita were staying there and this was as close as they were going to get to us so we jumped at the chance..rain or no rain!!

We had not seen them since July, when we were in Port Orford so it was great to catch up right where we left off.....we got our geo-caching lesson and we now have 24 logged in our little book..pretty good for a bunch of newbies!!!

It was a successful trip but it just makes us wanting more!!..the mood around here is a down one..back to reality again..till we meet again, 'Wiseman..aka Godfadda.'  We will miss you, Juanita and the BO-DIE....have a great winter in Port Orford...we will think of you often!!


People will  forget what you said,
People will  forget what you did,
But they will never forget how you made them feel...
Don't make someone a priority if they only make you an option!!
Also..don't worry about people from your past ..there is a reason they did not make it to your future!!

PS..I write this blog..if no one reads it does that mean it does not exist???

Sunday, October 18, 2009

geocaching and heading home :(


Today was our last day in Sequim. We woke to cloudy skies but at least there was no rain.!!


We had our breakfast at the hotel. After we checked out, we headed over to the RV park to get Gordon and Juanita to we could have our geo-caching lesson...and a great lesson it was!!


We had great success today and managed to find seven caches in total with a fair bit of help from the experts..our total is now 24!!..


We can hope that we are now back on the right track and with the GPS in hand we will have more success when we try again on our own!!


2009291204426450Our 26 hour visit was now over and it was time to head back home..we were sad to leave these fine friends and we know we will see them down the road once again..


safe travels to them as they head to their winter resting place of Port Orford...till we meet again!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sequim or bust…


We left early this morning..530 am. Big Dawg is back out on the open FREEWAY..and no TUCKER (Kennel for him..first time ever..we can only hope that it will go well)

We are heading towards Sequim, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula..231 kilometers from home ...about 4 hours and one short ferry ride.

We are meeting up with our RV'ing friends, Gordon and Juanita. They are staying at the Gilgal RV Park in Sequim.


This will more than likely be the last time we can see
them for at least a year so we made a 'run for the border'. The rain is very heavy and the wipers are going 'a mile a minute'..not a great travel morning but off we go!!

Our trip today takes us through the border at the Douglas Border Crossing, into the town of Blaine and south on the I-5 to exit 230-Anacortes. Then along the WA-20 travelling west through the Whidbey Island area, crossing over the Deception Pass Bridge and through the little town of Coupville.


Our plan this morning was to catch the 8:45 am ferry from the small town of Keystone, Washington...and we had no reservations so we were hoping we would not have to wait for the next sailing. This ferry will take us to Port Townsend.

The ferry cost was minimal charge of $11 US..for a 30 minute trip..a far cry from the cost of the BC ferry system.

After the short ferry ride we were back on the WA-20 heading west out of the town of Port Townsend towards the US-101 W and our destination of the town of Sequim.


We arrived at about 10:00 am at Gilgal RV Park and we were greeted warmly by our Texas has only been a few months since we have seen these fine folks and the conversations just picked up where we left off in Port Orford in July!!

Juanita made us a lovely lunch of cold cut sandwiches, pasta salad and "homemade halloween cookies"..delicious!!!

After lunch we headed over to our motel..THE ECONOLODGE.located directly in front of the Gilgal Rv park..we checked into our room with every intention of having a nap but the sun came out and we could not resist doing some geo-caching in this tourist town!!!..why waste a perfectly good afternoon sleeping!!??..there is so many geo-caches and we have so little time!!..we can sleep later!!

We had some luck with the geo-caching.. getting two finds..that is now a total of 17 since we started!!...


one day we will have as many as the 'wiseman'...their count is 285!!..we have a long way to go before we catch up to them!!

After the geo-caching adventures it was off to dinner at Jeremiah's BBQ restaurant!!..


another great recommendation..the food was yummy ..we chose the pork-pulled sandwiches


and the peach cobbler for dessert... the great conversation continued!!!..


bring on the Nk'mip wine and our lovely day came to a close!!!

More geo-caching adventures tomorrow with the mentors along ..we should have some luck!!!
stay tuned for more from Big Dawg and Mumzilla..the geo-caching newbies!!

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