Tuesday, January 26, 2010

...the repairs are done..but the work continues..

Our flood repairs are finally fixed..Tucker is done with Doggy Daycare..his new friends will miss him..but he will go back one day soon just to play....

The work continues here though..we still have more painting, grouting, cleaning and organizing to do...the "to do" list keeps getting rewritten but seems to be getting longer everyday..one day soon we will be able to sit back, relax with a glass of wine and enjoy all our hard work..!!..

This weekend...the animals are off to Newton Animal Hospital for their checkups...that should be a fun trip in the truck with both of them..it has been a while since Oliver has been in his crate!!..should be  yowling good time..glad I am staying home and waiting for the blinds to be installed and the carpet cleaner to come and give us an estimate..just another fun weekend at our house..

Carlie gets the key to her new place on Sunday..yippee for her..then the work begins..getting her room emptied, and the closets that she has been occupying..then off to the storage locker  in Maple Ridge to start emptying that..should be a fun but busy week!!

I would give anything for a quiet walk on the beach down at Birch Bay..maybe next month???

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Frustration is diminishing...

Our frustration level has diminished compared to the last post..the painting has begun..the unmatched paint colour??..was some shadows from the new light bulbs..dummies!!..the work should be done for the flood repair by Tuesday..we are still going to see if we can get some results from the insurance company that is covering the repairs for the doggy daycare bills..we are not holding our breath on that one!!

Our "to do"  list is still long but we crossed a couple things off today...the front entrance tile has new grout and we got three closets tidied up and the dresser drawers are done now...

Carlie went to visit her grandparents on Friday night and gave them the news that I could not mention until now...yes..our daughter is leaving the nest..or rather her 9x9 prison cell...she is moving on February 6th..this will be the second  and last time she leaves here ( we have plans for her room)...our family joke was that the count down for the Olympics was her countdown for moving out also..she is beating it by 6 days!!..We are happy for her and happy for us..time for her to spread her wings!!..and time for us to get some things organized!!  960 square feet is not big enough for 3 adults..a big dog and a cat..we will miss her but we won't miss her "stuff"...

We went out for an early dinner tonight..The Keg ..once again..it was a "late birthday and an early leaving home dinner" all rolled into one...great food and a quiet restaurant...we were home just after 5 pm and then we went off to get some groceries..good to go food shopping when you are full from dinner!!!

Happy Saturday night everyone!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


As the repairs are being done..our levels of frustation are on the rise..

On  the top of our list is the fact that we are having to "foot the bill" for Tucker's Doggy Daycare...we have tried to contact the managment company and the strata council and have hit a dead end on both counts..they say it is our problem..never mind the fact that the flood damage was caused by our neighbour again!!..arrgghhhh!!!..our next step was going to be in contact with the insurance agent handling the repairs but we discovered today that the strata council is handling the repairs and will be "going after" the insurance company once our condo is all fixed...yet another dead end..the small minded people on our council  have not grasped the concept that this whole mess was not caused by us and we should compensated for our "out of pocket expenses"...Tucker is fine to stay at home when we are at work with no issues...but have strange men coming and going and we are going to have some problems..hence the need for daycare!!

Issue #2..we came home today and noticed that they had painted the ceiling ..in the hallway..stopped at the kitchen entrance..looks great except for the fact that there is a line across and you can see the difference between the old and new!!..we called the contractor and he told us that they were told to only paint part of the ceiling..!!..this is not good enough..I was told that if we did not like the way it looked they would paint the whole ceiling..once again we were told the contractor  would have to contact the strata to have them "okay" the rest of the ceiling to be painted!!..since they were funding the job!!..darn it..will this frustation ever end..

Issue #3...I was heading out the door this evening and looked up in the corner by the front door and noticed a shadow on the wall..two shadows actually..it seems that the wall has been painted in two places and yes you guessed it.."the paint does not match"..we can only hope that this is just a test area and they have taken the paint back to be adjusted...our "designer paint colours" are five years old..so we can only hope that all new painting will match otherwise we are going to be painting all the walls..

 The reality of all of this frustation is that we know eventually all will be right in our world...but it is just the wating and wondering how much more work this is going to create for us!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Seven weeks without FACEBOOK makes one WEAK!!

Okay, I will admit I have reactivated my facebook account..I missed my facebook friends..the ones that are still there and the ones that aren't there anymore..I am weak!!!..sure a few of them have journals or blogs but facebook is a more "up to date instant status kind of thing!!"..I have promised myself that I will not get sucked into the "blackhole" of farmville and checking status updates constantly!!..so if you are reading this and disappointed in me ..so be it..I have admitted that I am weak....my status's will not be updated constantly..if you really want to know what we are doing ..read the blog..the truth is here!!!

Now on to bigger and better things..my health issues from last week have  not reared it's ugly head again..so all is well..blood pressure and heart rate are good..it may never happen again  but it could happen tommorrow..No one knows for sure...

Our condo flood damage is being fixed this week..FINALLY...Tucker has been going to Doggy Daycare on the days that the workmen are here..he seems to love it..he is a tired boy at the end of the day..so all is well in his world...the walls and ceilings are on their way to being painted at the end of the week...there are spots of drywall mud everywhere but eventually it will all be fixed...

We have been busy this past week..painting window sills, door trim and touching up the walls....Doug redid the grout in the ensuite bathroom..now of course he wants to do the front entrance and the main bathroom...we figured since they are painting some of the walls we may as well spruce the place up.....the "to do list " is still quite large but we will get through it...we need a deadline to make things get done quicker!!..Camping Season is almost here so that is a good deadline!!...we are booked for the Easter Long Weekend in Fort Langley..yippee!!!!

Well ..better go...laundry awaits...that and a quick check on Facebook...lol..just kidding...till next time...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Not a wordless wednesday today!!

Monday was  a normal work day for two hours and then I made a trip to the Emergency Room ..good thing it is only down the hall from where I work..there are some perks to working in a hospital..well on this day I was truely thankful that I worked in a hospital...I felt  like I had a bouncy ball in my chest..within an hour I had and EKG and was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation..my heart was beating at about 140..then it would bounce down to 80 and back up again..this went on for over eight hours..my normal heartrate is about 55-60....

"Atrial fibrillation (AF or A-fib) is the most common cardiac arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm) and involves
 the two upper chambers (atria) of the heart. Its name comes from the fibrillating (i.e. quivering) of the heart muscles of the atria, instead of a coordinated contraction. It can often be identified by taking a pulse and observing that the heartbeats don't occur at regular intervals"

The top line is Atrial Fibrillation and the bottom is normal sinus rhythm..I was told by the Doctor that they would try IV medication first and see if my heart would go back to normal sinus rhythm..no luck with that..next option and the only option left was a "Cardioversion"..
Cardioversion is a brief procedure where an electrical shock is delivered to the heart to convert an abnormal heart rhythm back to a normal rhythm.  I was sedated for about 10-15 minutes and this procedure was performed..I woke up and my rate was back to a normal 65 beats!!..

Needless to say this was a long and stressful day for all of us..I took Tuesday off as a rest day and went back to work today.....it felt strange to go back to work and walk through Emergency and look at the stretcher spot that I was in but it all turned out for the best.my near death experience is but a memory now and a wake up call.....all the blood work came back normal so we can only hope that this situation will not "rear its ugly head again"..off to the Cardiologist at the end of March just to make sure that all is well....

The strange thing about this episode is that a co-worker was diagnosed with the same condition yesterday!!..we are beginning to think that maybe there is something in the water??..or maybe it is time to retire???..Doug would like that!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

A "fitfull' weekend!!

This was not one of our better weekends..it was productive once again but it was full of "fits"..

Carlie and I went out to her storage locker to organize her belongings..and I brought home a few things.."fit number one"..Doug was busy with his new favourite tool..the "shark steamer"..he was cleaning and re-caulking the bathroom..cleaning the deck railing of the "green"mess that accumulates over the winter..Needless to say he was none to pleased that I brought home more "crap'..never mind the fact that it is our "crap" that we had just shoved into her locker and thought we would deal with it later..Later has now arrived!!

After fit number one..we both decided to clean out a few more cupboards..him in the pantry..me in the kitchen..we are very productive when there is "silence"..fit number two is on the way...We went down to our storage locker in the basement..water is seeping through the foundation!!..and two boxes of extra laminate flooring is now wet and moldy!!..dammit!!..six year old laminate that is no longer available!!..geez!!!!

This weekend is not getting any better as the next chore is to repair the leaky kitchen drain.."Silicone" is our friend..not the  pipe wrench though..Doug pinched his hand with the wrench...fit number three!!..and its only Saturday!!

Sunday was a much better day....the usual walk in Mundy Park..and groceries and errands rounded out our day...Doug put in a new light in the hallway of our bedroom..much nicer than the ugly one that had been there since we moved here in 2003...no fit here!!..changed a few other light bulbs..much brighter now! ..we were wondering why we did not do this before!!..Sunday was a "fit free" day..thank goodness!!..Saturday was bad enough...we will chalk this weekend up to experience and hope that the next one will be better!!

We did get some good news  though..the flood repairs are going to get started next friday!!..it has only taken three months?...we can only hope that they will actually show up!!!

p.s.  Tucker went to "doggy daycare" on saturday for a few hours...loved it!!!..four hours for $16..now at least we know he can go there for a couple of days when the repairs are being done!!!

Happy Monday Everyone..onward to the work week!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

There is snow on them there hills!!??

There is snow on the mountains and what does the Bidniak family do??..we of course go the the beach!!.. a walk along the beach and a swim for our 'golden boy' rounded out our weekend..call him crazy but he does not care if it is January or July..water is water...cold or not!!!

We drove out to West Vancouver and took a stroll at Ambleside Park..just west of the Lion's Gate Bridge and across the First Narrows from our beloved Stanley Park...

Aren't you cold Tucker???..just call him "CRAZY"..and throw the ball again...PLEEEEZZZEEE!!

As another weekend is done..the first of 2010..here is to many more days like today..no rain..no snow..just a jacket to keep us warm and a walk on the beach..a perfect day!!..a tired dog is a happy dog!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Day 2010

The first day of 2010 was a rainy one!!..we spent the entire day putting away the "christmas crap'..got it down to three bins from four!!..and cleaning and purging!!..it was a very productive day!!..

Last week Doug had purchased a "shark steam cleaner"..we paid over $160  for this new appliance and I was  a bit skeptical when he brought it home..thinking "that is a lot of $$$"..this darn thing better work!!..well needless to say it did not disappoint!!..we cleaned the tiles in the front entrance, main bathroom and  ensuite bathroom....what a difference!!..Doug also cleaned the ensuite shower, a couple of the window screens, the portable fans, and the hood fan on the stove.  It lived up to the $$$ !!!..the house is on it's way to being very clean and organized!!!..a little side note also is that he purchased this steamer at Canadian Tire and last night he was looking through the sales flyers and low and behold it is on sale starting tommorrow for $89.99..we are heading there in the morning to get our refund!!!

Cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes appliances, countertops, bathrooms, tiles, mirrors and more without harsh chemicals..it turns ordinary tap water into a powerful household cleanser..this is worth the money even if you have to pay full price!!

Onward to having a clean house..we can hardly wait to clean again and find many more uses for this great new purchase!!

P.S..sorry I did not take any before or after pictures of the tiles etc..you will have to trust me that this steamer works very well..!! :)

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