Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Who stole September???


woke up this morning..and wondered what happened to the month of September and October....it looked like November outside??..


dark and rainy..how could this happen..I know I like to sleep but geez..a whole two months gone???..


time for some comfort food..


a pot full of chili…and some…


jalapeno corn muffins..now we are cooking with ‘gas’!!…

Carlie is coming for dinner…home from her Las Vegas vacation….we are going to hear all about her adventures..well..some of them anyway…’what happens in Vegas..stays in Vegas??

Monday, August 30, 2010



Tucker is holding up housework production this morning…it is now..


yes it is almost lunch time..the lazy boy has not been out for a bathroom break since 930 last night..and where is his highness ????..


oh to have his bladder control….if only??


he is a tired boy..three full days at daycare and a sleep over to boot…he needs his beauty sleep…well there buddy..hate to break it to you but it is time to get your hairy butt out of bed..you are holding up production…


okay..I will have my breakfast now…


but after I go out for my bathroom break..I am going back to …my own bed…


that is of course until you make the bed with nice clean sheets…


thanks MOM..I love the smell of a nice clean bed..you are the BEST!!


It’s a ‘dog’s life’ but some one has to do it..beauty sleep here I come…time for my afternoon nap!!..thanks for stopping by..but could you close the door..I would like some peace and quiet!!..it’s hard work  to be beautiful!!..the life of the Tuckmeister!!..the golden boy!


No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich. “

Life goes on….


as summer is drawing to a close..one more week and it is back to work for me..we have done lots..travelled many miles..taken a zillion pictures..or what seems like a zillion!…

it has been a different kind of summer for me with no Rving…our life is all about choices ..and we have made some wrong ones through the years..

we are moving on to bigger and better things...I will be the first to admit it has been difficult  for me...but we have made the most out of the trips we have done..and had a great time along the way..

we have been to the ocean..and been to the summits of the mountains..the highs and lows…and places in between…all picture perfect and blog worthy trips in their own right….

just wanted to say thank you for riding along with us through the summer of 2010…onward to the fall and winter adventures of Bigdawg and Freeway…where will the road take us?..we have a few places planned so stay tuned…

life goes on…we will cherish the memories of the summer of 2010..and we look forward to next summer…where will that road take us??..round the next corner will always be a picture taking opportunity..

Don’t quit chasing your dreams..there’s  no telling how far you will have to run to catch them..

but for now..my housework awaits..get back to work Cinderella!!


Sunday, August 29, 2010



We were up early this morning..check out was at 10:00 a.m.  We went out for breakfast and then we headed back to the hotel and packed up..heading home..south on the Sea to Sky Highway…towards Vancouver..


Our first view point stop..such a large elevation???..far cry from how high we were yesterday..


Britannia Mine…IMG_3286.




Our summer journey is almost done..but not before we spotted a ‘winnie’…an itasca suncruiser…


we are home safe and sound..our ‘boyz’ are fine..my dilemma’s with my blog posting are fixed!!..all for the cost of $5.26..more storage for  my ‘picasa web account’..thanks, Rick..you are the ‘MAN’

Having issues!!!

I am having issues with Live Writer...I keep getting a error message...saying remote access is forbidden??..code 403...I have uninstalled Live Writer..and reinstalled the new Live Writer 2011..still no luck..dang it..can anyone help??????????????
I have a post ready to go from yesterday..have tried to do it the old fashioned way and the pictures are being rejected by the server???????

Saturday, August 28, 2010


We woke this morning to a blue sky and a few clouds..a perfect day to do a repeat of yesterday…we are hoping for spectacular views….


gondola time again…the cost of this special form of entertainment…$89 for two of us for two days..we have access to the Whistler Gondola…the Peak Express..the Peak to Peak and the Blackcomb open air chair…

IMG_3035We had some company on the way up…a couple from Kingston, Ontario..they have been travelling on their motorcycles all the way to Alaska…a stop in Whistler and then they were heading to Vancouver Island..and then down the Oregon Coast..a trip of a life time…panoanother trip up to the summit of Whistler Mountain..


The views were spectacular…we were so happy that we made this trip again …



IMG_3066IMG_3058IMG_3074IMG_3068 IMG_3072


pano IMG_3086  all these mountain ranges were being camera shy yesterday….thanks for showing your faces today!!

IMG_3087   IMG_3102IMG_3104




we had our picnic lunch on the patio on Whistler Mountain..like I said..a repeat of yesterday…we then headed for our first of three rides of the Peak to Peak today..

2010_08_281pano-1We headed towards the Alpine Walk..… a 1.6 kilometre loop full of alpine blooms..and gorgeous picture taking opportunities..


pano-2   2010_08_282  IMG_3132IMG_3138   IMG_3143IMG_3158IMG_3151IMG_3160 IMG_3180





2010_08_283IMG_3224  Trip number two today on the ‘PEAK TO PEAK’…Doug wanted to see it going the back towards Whistler Mountain…IMG_3225IMG_3227IMG_3228 our bear sighting…..not a clear picture..but a bear still the same…  

IMG_3229IMG_3230we hopped off …and then went right back in line to go again..trip number three today…grand total of four trips on the ‘peak to peak’ this weekend…we are taking the ‘Blackcomb chair’ down to the village…


We love this ride down the mountain..the peace and quiet…the mountain air…perfect way to end our six hours on the mountains…

IMG_3232pano-4IMG_3253our feet back on the ground…our ‘butts’ are sitting having a drink at “Merlin’s”..well deserved…




our celebratory anniversary dinner was at ‘The Keg’…delicious prime rib dinner as usual….

IMG_3270just one more collage of flowers…

2010_08_286IMG_3275as this post is coming to an end..if you made it all the way to this last paragraph you deserve a ‘medal’…we took over 240 pictures today..thanks for riding along with us…

we are heading home tomorrow…Doug has to return to work on Monday…we need to pick up ‘Tucker’ from daycare…and we are both hoping that "’Oliver’ has not locked himself in somewhere….back to reality…we have had a lovely weekend… and we are sad it is coming to an end…stay tuned for the ride home….there will be a few more photos…

Aww nuts…

How on earth does someone do a recap of the past seven months?… The last post that I did was on May 16..fast forward to today, December 3...