Friday, January 28, 2011

How do we know when?…


How do we know when the work week is done??…well, for starters..there are no lunches to make…dinner is not a high priority…neither is the laundry or taking the dog to the park…why?…

Tucker goes to work with Doug on Fridays…and he is one tired boy…he is happy..he loves to go to work…guarding the warehouse and being the ‘greeter’ is a tough job!!


we know it is the weekend because  we are sitting in our happy pants…


our feet up on the coffee table..and what are we doing?…having happy hour…


finally another week is done…the rain is coming down in buckets…we are happy to be home..with no real plans at least for tonight anyway…

we wish we were out there with all of our ‘blogging friends’…but it is not to be …not yet…

so for now we will sit and savour our happy hour…rest our weary feet…and maybe later figure out what to make for dinner?…Cheers!…everyone!!..and happy Friday!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

this isn’t the holiday inn…??


a recap of our weekend…a ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale…


the rain held off enough to take some photos in the village of Horseshoe Bay..we stopped and picked up a pizza..ate in the jeep while we waited for the 5:30 ferry…

we arrived at the home of our friends..just after 7:30..we were greeted with hugs all around…the wine was poured and  the conversations flowed….



the view from the kitchen window..Life is good for our friends…they never tire of looking out and admiring the view….watching the boats cruising by, and the wildlife….an ever changing picture….




The house is filled with memento’s….it was nice to hear the stories about some of the items that were proudly displayed..from the quilt made from Elaine’s mom’s clothing… to the  little stuffed bear sitting in a plant that was from her parent’s home…


we spent Saturday touring around..there were many picture taking opportunities…and swimming for our ‘golden boy’..




our lovely hosts….Harry and Elaine..


Doug and Harry and a very wet dog…

all of us together…smiles all round…


we also made a stop at Pender Harbour Marina…


sitting by the dock of the bay…we paused to reflectpano-4





our dinner on Saturday night was ‘cedar planked salmon cooked on the BBQ….with greek salad and rice…delicious…Kudo’s to the cooks!!!







Sunday was a ‘sleep in ‘  day..we strolled down to the boat house…and admired the view..took a few more photos to add to our collection from this weekend..IMG_5355


We headed to the ferry landing after lunch..thanks for the great weekend..and yes it was not the ‘holiday inn’ was better…being welcomed into our friend’s home was greatly appreciated.. and Tucker apologizes for leaving all the ‘fur’ behind’!!


before heading to the line up we made one more stop after Davis Bay…..


Gibson’s Landing..home of the Canadian made television show..The Beachcombers!!……



IMG_5395 our weekend draws to a close…and we head towards another work week..we realize that….the cost of the two days with our friends..??…

the ferry ride…$67.55

gas to get there.. $30

time well spent…priceless

Friday, January 21, 2011

gone to far..can’t find the car ?

Fullscreen capture 04012011 74811 PM

where have we gone??..try Madeira Park on the Sunshine Coast…a quick ferry ride away…from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale and then a drive up the Sunshine Coast to the home of our friends, Harry and Elaine…we had a plan a couple of months back to go and visit but those plans went by the way side……

onwards to the land of fun, friends and relaxation!!!

We are leaving this afternoon…after work..leaving the computer behind..time for a break….so have a great weekend everyone..there will be tales to tell and pictures to show on Sunday when we return!! until then..hi ho hi ho…off to work I go..the jeep is packed..and ready to roll..onward to our first big overnight adventure of 2011!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Boys day out….


four wheel drive was on the ‘boys agenda’ today…


destination…Davis Lake..northeast of Mission, BC…


Tucker went along for the ride…


and his purpose was to find the perfect log…mud on his ‘tires’ too…


the views were amazing..waterfalls and raging rivers…


just a bit of mud on the tires….



the boys had a great day on the gravel roads…me?..what did I do???

What I wanted to do!! my blog roll, did some laundry,  cleaned up a few closets..mailed a pair of mittens to sunny California…Smile

so as the weekend draws to a close…it was a productive one..all the laundry is done, ironing complete, house is clean,  lunches are ready, dinner is over and the dishes are loaded in the dishwasher…

so this ‘boring, organized  gal’ is happy..nice to start the work week off on the right foot..instead of the usual left one…

Saturday, January 15, 2011

and the winner is……


After not even 12 hours of being posted..we can announce the winner of our ‘pay it forward’ contest…

The winner is Rick Doyleeveryone’s favourite ‘go to guy’ for computer issues…Rick will be receiving the ‘much sought after’ red Olympic mittens…we know he will wear them proudly.

What was the answer??? LOST MOOSE LODGE.. in Penticton, BC…you were close Al….on your way to the right answer…but you took too long!!


What is Lost Moose Lodge?…It is a resort and restaurant on hills  above the town of Penticton, British Columbia..about 45 minutes from Keremeos….

We have been there a few times over the last few years..for birthday and anniversary dinners..(but I have never blogged about it on Bigdawg and Freeway…so for those of you who were looking through previous posts….search engine was the way to go)


It is a perfect place for a special dinner…view of the Penticton Valley..great sunsets…and delicious baron of beef!!

It didn’t take Rick long to figure it out…and here, Doug thought it was too hard!!..

I knew that someone would be smart enough to figure it out!!!

thanks for participating…

Friday, January 14, 2011

pay it forward…


Imitation is the best form of flattery…so since I was a winner of a blog contest..I am going to pay it forward…and have a contest of my own…

Can you guess where this is?..if you have been reading our blog you know we haven’t ventured too far …no wild and crazy trips across the world…



This is the view….high atop???



Doug thinks this will be too difficult?..please prove him can figure it out!..the first reader  to guess correctly?…is the lucky winner of a brand new  pair if these…


be the first in your campground to be sporting these patriotic Canadian Olympic mittens!..( that is unless, of course  you are in the same Rv park as Paul and Mary or  Gordon  and Juanita..cause they already got theirs..Santa sent them all  a pair..)

Aww nuts…

How on earth does someone do a recap of the past seven months?… The last post that I did was on May forward to today, December 3...