Sunday, March 27, 2011

We love a challenge…

Life in general can be very challenging some days but we get through it …So we have now accepted the offer of yet another challenge…

As a previous post I had shown pictures of our condo  on a good day..after the dusting, vacuuming, floor washing and bathroom scrubbing had been done..yes, I am a bit of ‘clean freak’…I will admit it…OCD..obsessive cleaning disorder??

IMG_5547 IMG_5550 IMG_5553 IMG_5556


now, we know the reality of life in general that any normal person cannot live in house that is clean all the’s challenges do get in the way…and sometimes it is more important to get outside and enjoy life rather than staying inside and cleaning all the time…..but….

Where is this going you ask?…well, the condo next door to us is owned by our has been rented out for the past couple of years..the latest tenants have just vacated the condo..these tenants told our friends that they were not going to clean up…their ‘exact word were’..”just keep the damage deposit”

Well..our friend, Debbie is not well and is not able to clean up the ‘disaster left behind….so we offered to clean it for her…We will be paid for this ‘job’….and since it is just next door it would be easy for  us to get it done…

We took some pictures of the condition that it was left in..

2011-03-27-1602-21the kitchen sink is brown..instead of shiny stainless steel..the light fixtures are full of dirt..the grout is brown instead of white..the appliances?..well you get the picture…


the baseboards are just disgusting….never been cleaned in two years…the carpet..well, I don’t think it has seen a vacuum is in for a big shock when we start sucking up all the dirt!..2011-03-27-1602-212

these are from the bathrooms…a mould and mildew mess…never mind the bathroom exhaust fans has ‘hairy things’ hanging from it..

2011-03-27-1602-213and then there is the window ledges and the doors..…suppose to be white.??

as you can see we have our ‘work cut out for us’…armed with rubber gloves, Windex , Mr.Clean, Pinesol, Magic Erasers,  a vacuum cleaner , our handy dandy steam cleaner and SOS pads…we will venture into this job with an open mind…and some elbow grease..we accept this as a challenge…stay tuned for the transformation…it will  be a few days before you see the difference!!!

In closing, all I can say is how I cannot believe how a ‘renter’ can treat someone’s home like this….we have rented  before and have  been denied because we have pets..this couple did not have pets…so maybe this should be a lesson that not all renters with animals are bad..maybe the ones without are?? least these ones were!!!..shame on them!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Gadget overload..


our lives  are filled with  an overload of  gadgets….

it use to be the only gadgets were  the remote control for the television.

and a cordless phone…..


Then along came the computers…we started with  a desktop computer about six years ago….


then there was new laptop…a ‘necessity for hitting the road’

Capturefile: C:\Program Files\Capture One PRO\Captures\11080011_Inspiron_Mini9_Pink_Red_jp\11080011_Inspiron_Mini9_Pink_Red_jp_036.tif<br />CaptureSN: CD000856.063539<br />Software: Capture One PRO for Windows<br />

then came the digital photography..we started with the Olympus Stylus 600


now a  bigger better camera…the Canon XS20…


oh and now the portable item that makes riding the bus a little bit easier..


this pretty green IPOD Nano’s new home is in the glove box of the now I have this little silver IPOD shuffle..


and now the cell phones…we started with Blackberry ..blackberry-storm-9500-combo

and then we have these Verizon flip phones …pay and talk for when we travel to the USA..


then there is my KOBO Reader..


we also have a handheld GPS for geo-caching..


our latest new gadgets are …



so in closing.. we are on ‘gadget overload as you can many gadgets do you have???

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bad moon rising!?


I headed out last night for a stroll around Lafarge  lake with Tucker in tow…and the camera around my neck… in search of the ' super moon’…


the skies were clear..would have been perfect if only the moon would rise above the mountains over the lake…





there was lots of ducks..but no ‘super moon’..we never even came close to seeing it…it was further east than I was able to get to on my walk…maybe next time??

Our Sunday afternoon walk was just a few miles from our house to the dyke area near the Pitt Meadows bridge…


panopano-1well, Tucker looked like such handsome boy before we left..note the mud and the muck…he is ‘licking his chops’ in anticipation…IMG_5593pano-2


IMG_5604 least he is consistent..where there is water..Tucker will be..his first swim of the Spring season..many more to come…



so as the sun sets on the first weekend of Spring 2011…we had our ‘happy hour snack’ on the sun deck….first one this year..the sun was may not be warm but it was warm enough! as the sun sets on this first weekend of Spring we know that the warmer days are coming…

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Humdinger of a day…

As I mentioned in my post from yesterday, Doug had a procedure done and one of the stipulations was that someone had to stay with him for 24 hours post-procedure.  He was not to be left alone and wasn’t allowed to drive, drink alcohol or operate heavy machinery!… :)

So as you can all probably figure out..I was the lucky one to stay home today..with pay, of course..they deem it a ‘special leave’ day!…this morning he was feeling like his usual self..just a few stomach cramps but other than that nothing out of the norm…

Our first thought was ..what are we going to do on our ‘free day’…since he was feeling okay we thought..hmmm..RV show in Chilliwack??..

We dropped Tucker off at daycare for a few hours and headed east with me..yes, folks you read that correctly me..behind the wheel of the jeep…now I am usually the one who gets to sit in the passenger seat..look out the window..take on my phone..entertain my driver..Not today…Doug had the pleasure of sitting in that seat..and I got to ‘put the pedal to metal’..hah!….

our route took us to Port Moody first…then over the Port Mann bridge and onto the #1..and east towards the town of Chilliwack..

Fullscreen capture 17032011 55916 PM

We arrived at the Humdinger RV show in about an hour…

P3178952parked the jeep ..for free!..and paid our $14 and entered in to the land of shiny new RV’s for some ‘tire kicking’!..will there be any Winnebago’s??

There were lots to wander through..from a tag axel worth well over $425,000..but wait, you get a tow car with that..a jeep liberty!..sorry too much $$$..

there was a Bounder..a gas..35 feet..we like this and half baths..huge shower..nice layout for 35 feet..outside storage seemed to be pretty good…and the price?..well at least it would be a bit more affordable than the first one…2011-03-17-1735-40Then there was  a Discovery…36 footer..diesel..still out of our price range but a girl can dream…nice soft leather..great layout..nice tile floor…and our ‘jeep..”FREEWAY”..would look great behind this one…nice colour match…

2011-03-17-1735-401  next tire kicking was a ‘Georgetown”..we like the layout of this one..the front part anyway..not so much when it comes to the bedroom..if only we could mix and match that would be ‘perfection’…and then of course..mix up our ‘bank accounts up with a ‘wealthy person’…

P3178963 P3178962

Once we were done dreaming..or rather someone from ‘above’ smacked us both up the side of head..we headed for lunch..can’t buy a ‘home on wheels today’ may as well eat!!..we headed to Boston Pizza..two chicken calzones..made with multigrain pizza crust and a salad on the side…all for under $27..

We stopped for gas…$1.14 a litre…$4.31 a gallon for all the American readers out there…this is a deal because in our neighbourhood it is $1.29..or $4.88 a gallon

Our ‘Humdinger done..I drove 183 kilometers. (115 miles)...that is the most I have driven in a long time..!..thanks for riding along with us..hope I didn’t ‘scare anyone…’

Bigdawg and Freeway” will continue to dream….Dreams never die ..just the dreamer..we are off to purchase a ‘lotto ticket’!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011



“It is nice to be important..but it is more important to be nice..”

What is important to you??..the kindness of strangers goes a long way..a smile.. a  touch…

I meet lots of different types of people during my work day…some people are grumpy..some are happy, sad or angry..…and some are just ‘plain ole mean’!..( and this is just my co-workers!)..just kidding of course…

My day is filled with  a ‘meet and greet’ kind of I don’t wear a blue vest like they do at Walmart …

we are the first ones to see the patients and bring them down to Medical Imaging for their it is important to be nice!! never know who the patients are related to??

You sure wouldn’t want to be rude to the wrong it is easier to be nice to everyone!

Some patients don’t get any the few minutes that we spend with them may be the only time that someone other than the ‘nurse’ is talking to them…

Today, Doug was a patient at the same hospital I work at… ( just a procedure appointment..all is well)...He was treated very nicely by all the staff he met..even before they knew that he was related to an you see it is ‘important to be nice!’



Tuesday, March 15, 2011


A rainy Tuesday….a perfect day for a ‘first in Tucker’s life’..yes,  he is over two years old..but he has never had an actual bath at the ‘groomers’…

Here is the before….

sharing an ice cream sandwich with his ‘brother’..”well if you call this to wait for the cat to finish his share!!..with that little tongue of his ..I could be waiting all night..the darn thing is going to melt all over the table if you don’t hurry up…geesh… I could have it down in two bite ..gone..but then I would get ‘brain freeze’!!..maybe I will just wait my turn?”

IMG_5559IMG_5560please save me at least a little bit, Oliver!!..geesh…I have a busy day tomorrow…got to keep my strength up…”


note the wavy fur….be thankful you can’t smell the odour..all you dog owner’s out there know that smell…cut grass..mud..just a plain ole stinky boy!!..

IMG_5569here I am …all clean and smelling like  the ‘handsome boy that I know I am…


“I know the ‘BLUE BANDANA LOOKS RIDICULOUS’..but I will amuse my ‘peeps’ for now…..”

cost of day care for today $16.80

cost of my spa treatment $ $61.60

cost of being  the best  looking golden retriever in ‘blogville’??..priceless…

Aww nuts…

How on earth does someone do a recap of the past seven months?… The last post that I did was on May forward to today, December 3...