Monday, November 28, 2011

for the love of a golden?


Dogs and cats come into our lives and are with us for what is deemed a short time..

Those of us who are animal lovers know the unconditional love that is received from having a family pet or two, in our case..

Even on a bad day..the wagging tail that greets us when we get home makes all the ‘working crap’ worth it…

We are very fortunate that we have  two ‘greeters’ when we get home from working all day…Thank goodness neither one can tell time…otherwise some days they would be ‘mad’ at us for being ‘late’!!!

One thumps his tail madly and runs and gets a toy from his toy box and brings it to us..doing his little circle dance!!..don’t know if he really has to  go to the bathroom or  he is just happy to see us…


The other ‘greeter’?..he is a bit standoffish..and really doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about ..’geez, Tucker they always come back why do you act like such a goofball?’


Now where are all these thoughts coming from?..

Last week, I missed an anniversary…November 22, 2005..six years since we  lost our first golden girl…


It was such a sad time for could I have forgotten all about this tragic day…

ledger b[2]

What have I learned from my forgetting?…well, time heals…and your heart fills with the love of yet another set of ‘greeters’..

So for the love of a golden past..and a golden future I am most grateful for my two ‘boys’..…the unconditional love is payback tenfold..

may our house always be filled with ‘fur’!!…

Thanks for being there to greet us everyday PO and Tuck!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Vortex…


Sunday night is upon us…another weekend is done…

The ‘vortex’ is arriving soon…

  • the 530 wake up
  • coffee and lunches prepped
  • uniforms ironed
  • housework is done
  • groceries are purchased
  • jeep full of gas for the week
  • laundry done
  • some Christmas shopping was done
  • Christmas cards were mailed and two ‘surprise packages’

so as the vortex known as the work week is upon us..we hope everyone in ‘blogville’ has a great week..

  • sitting by the pool
  • or in the desert
  • or near the gators
  • or at the beach

have fun..and think of us as the ‘vortex’ sucks us in…we will escape the power by Friday..

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Time’s a wastin’?…


How can one comment make one have thoughts of wondering if blogging is time wasted?

‘life is about living the experiences, not about blogging the experiences! ’

Sure life is about living the experience and that is something we do enjoy..some things do not make it to a blog post..

Do I stress about not doing a post on everything we do or everywhere we go?, of course not…

If the ‘life experience’ is worth sharing then it will be shared.  Does this make blogging, time wasted?..

or does it get to the point that your experiences get so far behind that you begin to wonder how you will ever catch up?..and then the blog goes by the wayside….


there are days or weeks when it is difficult to keep the  post subjects interesting…life can be mundane..especially when we are just living life..


As all the snowbirds have flown the coop and are sitting in the sunshine…we are enjoying the dark, rainy days..filling our time with ‘life’!!

Not to worry we will’ keep the light on’ for all of you who have ventured south to enjoy the sun and warmer temperatures!

Time’s a wastin’?..I don’t think so…blogging fills the dark days of winter so I am glad that you are all out there living your life and blogging about it too!!!


Friday, November 25, 2011

In Keeping with Tradition…


One month from today all the Christmas ‘hoopla’ will be done for another year..

(Oliver likes to sit with me every night when I am on the computer..its a daily thing..he makes a great back warmer)


All the shopping, wrapping, food preparation, and visiting will be complete…

There are many Christmas traditions..thinking back to the ones my parents kept going  when I was a child..

  • the tree didn’t go up until my sister and brother and I were all in bed on Christmas Eve…
  • dinner on Christmas Eve was potato salad and European wieners
  • no stockings were hung
  • we each received a fancy bowl filled with candies, German cookies, chocolates and oranges instead..(how I wish I would have kept one of those bowls)


  • and my mom sent Christmas cards in the mail..(snail mail)

I left home in 1979 and some new traditions were created..

  • the tree is decorated by mid-December
  • Chinese food for Christmas Eve dinner
  • Stockings were a tradition we started in 1981

now as for Christmas cards?

with all the modern technology and the postage cost and time it takes to write all the cards and address all the envelopes…is sending Christmas cards going by the wayside?

Sure it is much easier to just send an e-card..or a message on face book…or just do a blog post and wish everyone a Merry Christmas..

Not that there is anything wrong with using technology to get your Christmas message out…

Is this deemed the ‘lazy way’ easy to just hit send or enter…

Every year I say to myself..I am not sending cards this year..but I just can’t not do it..

So  for me I like to do things the old fashioned way..


the cards are purchased…


the address book is up to date…

now it is time to put pen to paper..and sit down and write the cards…


I do like to open the mail box in December and see how many cards we get?..


Sure nicer than the rest of the year when all that is in there is bills and junk mail…

You can’t display an e-card on the mantle…


So as you can see I am keeping the tradition alive…

join me if you like..send your friends a personal handwritten Merry Christmas!! and Happy New will make their day!!!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gobble gobble!!


Just a quick post to wish all our American friends a very Happy Thanksgiving!..


May your day be filled with family, friends and turkey with all the trimmings!!!



Sunday, November 20, 2011



What is the definition of being a parent?..

  • a home to live in
  • food on the table
  • love
  • guidance
  • education
  • leading by example
  • compassion
  • understanding
  • discipline

anyone can be a parent..children don’t come with an instruction manual or a return policy..

Being a parent is the hardest job try and do your best and some times it seems like your best is not good enough…

We have always kept the door to communication open and have let Carlie talk to us about pretty much everything..

Some would call it ‘oversharing’ while others would say ‘good for you’

As she got older we had always told her that if she ever needed a ride matter what time of day or night we would come and get her..


  • no questions asked
  • no yelling
  • no screaming
  • no saying..’you are grounded, young lady!’
  • no arguing
  • no passing judgement

Now she has called us  a few  times in need of a ride home..and we have questions asked…

This was one promise that we kept with her…and for that we are most grateful that she feels like she can call us no matter what…

Oh, we have made our mistakes but on the whole she has turned out to be a fine young woman…

Now you may be wondering where this is heading..well…

it seems that our favourite commenter has returned..

Mr. Anonymous..

here is what he/she said with regards to our daughter’s injury on Friday night..

Anonymous said...

Getting drunk and breaking one's elbow is not something to be trivialized or rewarded for. It is usually a sign of a serious drinking problem.
I'm just shocked you would even be talking about this in a public blog.

so in answer to this comment I will say…

We do not condone our daughter’s behaviour..she is a grown woman and has a mind of her own..she works one full time job and a part-time one there are weeks where she is working more than 60 hours….

Does she have  a ‘drinking problem?..most definitely was a night out on the town with her friends that ended with an injury!

Some bloggers would say just ignore the comment but this one was uncalled for…to say that we are condoning her behaviour and writing about it as a sense of reward is the furthest from truth..

I can remember when we were younger and would spend the evening at the bar..and drive home..that was the way it was with our least our daughter’s generation has the common sense to take public transit, a taxi, use a designated driver or call the parents for a ride..

Our lives are far from perfect and this blog is a recap of that not so perfect life!!..

Now as for you, Mr. Anonymous?…what kind of parent are you?..if you are a perfect one?..well, more power to you!!..I wish I could say that we are perfect but that would be unrealistic!!

Now for all the rest of the readers who were kind enough to comment and wish our daughter a speedy recovery, and without passing judgement or telling me that I should not have written about this accident…We want to say thank you…

This blog is far from is our life…can’t be all fluff....some days just aren’t fluffy..some are ‘flat on our the sidewalk kind of days’…

..nuff said





Saturday, November 19, 2011

Girls just wanna have fun?


Our lovely daughter, (Carlie is in the middle) and her friends headed out last night for some ‘girl fun’…a bus ride..since they would be drinking..


I am glad that they were responsible enough to take public transit..just glad that I wasn’t on the bus…I am sure it was a ride filled with ‘giggles’..


just some harmless Friday fun filled with food and alcohol and good friends..

that was until 3am this morning..

a ‘face-plant fall’…an outstretched hand and we have an issue!!..

She made it home okay thanks to  a ride from a friend..but this morning we had to visit the Eagle Ridge Hospital..

Diagnosis?..A Radial Head Fracture..


‘Trying to break a fall by putting your hand out in front of you seems almost instinctive. But the force of the fall could travel up the lower forearm bones and dislocate the elbow. It also could break the smaller bone (radius) in the forearm. A break can occur near the elbow at the radial "head."


Radial head fractures are common injuries, occurring in about 20 percent of all acute elbow injuries. They are more frequent in women than in men and occur most often between 30 and 40 years of age.

Approximately 10 percent of all elbow dislocations involve a fracture of the radial head. As the upper arm bone (humerus) and the ulna return to their normal alignment, a piece of the radial head bone could be chipped off (fractured).


  • Pain on the outside of the elbow
  • Swelling in the elbow joint
  • Difficulty in bending or straightening the elbow accompanied by pain
  • Inability or difficulty in turning the forearm (palm up to palm down or vice versa)

Radial head fractures are classified according to the degree of displacement (movement from the normal position).

Type I Fractures

Type I fractures are generally small, like cracks, and the bone pieces remain fitted together.

  • The fracture may not be visible on initial X-rays, but can usually be seen if the X-ray is taken three weeks after the injury.
  • Nonsurgical treatment involves using a splint or sling for a few days, followed by early motion.
  • If too much motion is attempted too quickly, the bones may shift and become displaced.

a two hour visit to the x ray and we were home again…


one arm in a sling..


a banged up knee..


did she learn a lesson?..well..more than likely not..

no.. the sidewalk wasn’t icy

no.. she wasn’t wearing high heels

and did she get a course not..

we were just thankful that her friends looked after her and made sure she got home safely…

this injury is on the mend ..a sling for three days and then she can start mobilizing her arm..

nothing that a container of Ben and Jerry’s won’t fix..


that..and some  ibuprofen..

Thursday, November 17, 2011



Life is all about the connection we have with family, friends and co-workers.

Relationships develop..some flourish and others go by the wayside..

It is those that we have a special connection with that seem to flourish.

The relationships with family is a special one..the history is the tie that keeps the family bonded together…


Friends come and go…some come back..and those are the friendships that we cherish..


Those friends are with you through thick and thin..good and bad..even if you don’t talk to them for a long time..

Some relationships may end but the time spent with a good friend is never wasted..there comes a time in our lives when things change and we move on..meeting new people but still remembering how special the ‘old friends’ are….

And then when you do get the opportunity to see them again it is like no time has that is a ‘true friend’

Then there is the relationship with co-workers..those  can be difficult at times..

It seems that we spend more time with our co-workers than we do with our family and friends…

I have been fortunate in my working life to develop a few good relationships with some co-workers..some have moved on to different cities or retired but I still consider them to be part of my ‘working family’

The women that I work with that I think of as friends have been a part of my working life for a long time..twenty five years or more…those are the friendships that I truly cherish..

We have been through marriages, divorces, babies being born and raising kids...seeing these ‘friends’ daily has made heading off to work everyday much easier..

Some people you feel more of connection ….there was  one friend that I worked with a few years ago…we met for coffee every morning  and shared our lives with each other…

But the connection was one that went beyond a ‘working friendship’..

When I first met her, her married  name was a name that I recognized  from my childhood??

When I was growing up we had  a neighbour..a family with four Mom babysat these boys..they were a wild bunch….turns out that Brenda, married one of these boys..

Today  Brenda sent me this photo of the seven of us..I do believe it was taken at Harrison Hot Springs..


That is me in the blue jacket…my sister in the pink jacket and my brother in the red sweater on the right…

a great trip down memory lane..the boys?..don’t know who is who..but there names are

Robert, Steven Kevin and Andrew..

{Robert is married to my friend Brenda, Steven lives in England with his wife and two girls..Kevin lives in Kamloops with his wife, Julie and their two boys and Andrew?..he passed away when he was a young man.}

The world is a small place and you never know how you are connected to people..even those of us in blog-ville are connected..just through the wonders of modern technology there is a ‘sense of belonging’

Thanks for being part of my ‘connection’


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Snow and more snow…


Our original plan was to not be leaving Keremeos until after lunch..but ‘ole man winter’ reared his ugly head on our route home..

alison pass

This was the view of the Allison Pass Summit this morning..and the forecast was for more snow today and tonight…

Needless to say we packed up and we were  heading east before 10 AM


  Our first stop will be the town  Princeton..before long there was snow on the side of the road…and the snow level is pretty low…

We stopped for gas..and a coffee and  then  continued west towards Manning Park..still not too bad..

Then we rounded one of the many curves and the ‘winter wonderland’ began…


It was pretty except for the sand and gravel on the road…and the flying rocks as trucks passed..don’t follow to close or you will have a new chip in the windshield…

Speaking of chips in the windshield..we got a rock chip last Christmas heading to  had cracked further before long…making it’s way half way across the windshield..

This morning?..a frosty windshield..and the crack is now all the way to the driver’s side!!

So if you have not noticed until now…there is always a line across all the windshield shots!!..

It is very evident in the final photos of our trip home…

The Highway of Heroes sign along the Freeway..

(Doug was in the fast lane doing 100kms and I was clicking away trying to capture the sign decorated with the wreaths for Remembrance Day..)


Time to get the windshield replaced…all in the name of the photo taking process!!

We are home and sound after our weekend away…Tucker is ‘tuckered out’..a tired dog is a happy dog..

and Oliver is happy to have his ‘peeps’ home!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Okie Dokie?


It never rains in Keremeos?..not this weekend..the clouds have rolled in and rain mixed with snow is falling this afternoon…


We drove to Okanagan Falls this morning to visit with Karen’s sister Cheryl, her husband Andy and her son Gordie and his wife Chrissy and their two kids..Katie and Gavin..

Cheryl and Andy have a new dog…her name is Jasmine..’Jazz’ for short

She is a ‘Maremma’  cross..cute as a button….we have never heard of this breed until this morning..

I had left the camera in the car so I ‘googled’ a picture…

this is not exactly her..but pretty close..


sorry ‘Tucker’ we still love you but she was pretty darn cute!!!


This was the Alison Pass this morning..a far cry from when we went through yesterday…

alison pass

We have not been geocaching in a long time..we were stuck on #49 until today…#50..the Red Bridge..


We had to walk down the trail for about half a kilometer..


bush-wacking to find the geocache..



onto #51…the Grist Mill..


this was an easy one..we spotted it before we even got out of the jeep..


..lunch is done..Doug’s famous nachos..and now we have the white stuff falling from the sky…so much for sunny Keremeos?


…fast forward to this is barely 5 pm and it is dark already…the horses are fed…and now it’s our turn..time for dinner and then another quiet night  in the village of Keremeos..

A good day for recharging our ‘batteries’..tomorrow we head home…I am sure that the ride home will be filled with snow..thank goodness for four-wheel drive..

Friday, November 11, 2011

Keremeos bound…


Three hundred and thirty eight kilometers from our house is the small town of Keremeos and the home of Doug’s brother, Ron and his wife Karen…

We are spending the weekend in this tiny town on the Similkameen River..we have been here numerous times since they moved here in 1999..

We left before 6 am this morning and arrived at 10 am…the drive was uneventful..the only snow we saw was at the Alison Pass Summit…2011_11_11


IMG_7377The Remembrance Day Service was a lovely tribute to all the veterans…and was well attended by the citizens of Keremeos…


some think that Remembrance Day is..

  • a day off of work
  • a day to sleep in
  • a day to make ‘double time ‘ since it is deemed a statutory holiday..

For us it was a day thinking of all the veterans who  served in all the wars to give us the freedom we have today…

So this was our way of saying “thank-you” for your military service.


..the balance of our day was filled with conversation, food and more food… …and now we are all relaxing watching TV.

We did have a small crisis internet access…Karen made a call to her ‘computer go to guy’ in Saskatchewan  (us in blogville have ‘Rick’ and she has ‘Brian’)

Crisis we are a lined up with our laptops!!..


Doug checked the Highway Cam website this evening and there has been a ‘dump of snow’..on Highway 3…(the  way home.).good thing we are here till Sunday....stay tuned for more from Keremeos…



Remembrance Day..Lest we Forget…

Remembrance Day is a time for all residents to honour, celebrate and remember those who fought for Canada. This year marks the 65th anniversary of the end of the Second World War..


On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, Canadians are asked to pause in memory of the thousands of men and women who sacrificed their lives in military service.


In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.


We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.’


by John McCrae, May 1915

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Is it possible?


The dark days of November have we are wishing for a sunny day…a day filled with blue skies…puffy clouds and all the time in the world to do with what we want..


instead we are saddled with dark, cloudy rainy  days…up before the flaming orb in the sky has risen..and by the time we get home from work it is getting dark already..

Is it possible to dislike a month?..


I do believe it is…cause at the moment I dislike the month of November…the time goes back an hour and it feels like there is no time!!

We spend more than 12 hours just dealing with getting ready for work..commuting to work..coming home from work....lunches..dinner…repeat…the November blues have arrived…

Even Tucker and Oliver seem to be in the  November doldrums..


..sleeping the day away while we are at work..and then there is the excitement when we get home..Park time!..too bad it is dark in no time flat..can’t find the ball in the dark…


before we know it…another day is done…and then we start all over again…


I miss the long leisurely days of summer…

So for all of you readers out there in the sunnier parts of the country..thanks for writing all about your  ‘sunny adventures’….cause on these dark days…your posts are the one ‘bright spot’!

This weekend we will be on the hunt for the ‘flaming orb in the sky’…maybe it can be found?

Aww nuts…

How on earth does someone do a recap of the past seven months?… The last post that I did was on May forward to today, December 3...