Sunday, May 27, 2012

Smoke on the Water?…


Working every day and leaving our ‘boys’ to fend for themselves has never been a problem..

There is always that thought though..what if there was an emergency?..a fire?..and we weren’t home?..

We have a sign on our front door stating that we have a dog and cat..and the strata office is also aware of the animals in our condo..

Where is this going?..well, on Friday in the seems that there was a car fire in our condo  parkade…the street was engines and hoses had the entrance to our parkade blocked…

It seems that this new red car..had some electrical issues..


The driver  drove the car into the parkade and it burst into flames..

The sprinklers went off..there was smoke all through the underground..


..if that is our only excitement for the weekend we are happy..

Doug spent Friday evening washing the jeep..and I did riveting?.. I know..


…the weather forecast is for a sunny/warm  Saturday..time to take the roof off and head east to gas and Costco are on the agenda…

There was no photos taken of our Saturday have all seen the highway to Abbotsford numerous times….

Just skies, snow on Mount Baker.. lots of traffic and my hair blowing all over the place..why oh why didn’t I wear a hat!?

Sunday was cloudy in the morning…and the sun came out in the afternoon so we headed to the Village of Ioco and Buntzen Lake….only about a 15 minute drive from our condo....

IMG_8244 is yet another BC Hydro Recreation area..with a beach, picnic area, boat launch and numerous trails through the old growth forest..


there is a short trail to the lake..and there is also an off leash dog area…


Tucker, of course was in the water …IMG_8229


the last time were here that we can remember was on Tucker’s first birthday…


Tucker had a great time with all the other dogs…playing ‘keep away’ from my ball..


.this was ‘Diesel’ who would have loved to have a chance at the bright orange ball..but Tucker would have no part of that…



..a wet dog is a happy dog…at least in Tucker’s world…


so as yet another weekend comes to an end..we are happy that the sun was shining..


maybe the weather here on the west coast of British Columbia is actually beginning to improve..


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yet another ‘bloomin’……


On this day 53 years ago..My parents had their second  daughter….


this very old photo is of me and my Mom….the building in the back is a little cabin in the woods that we lived in..

There are many a tale to tell …but I will keep those under my hat…

Fast forward to today…the time is going by very quickly..on the uphill climb to the magic age of 55…

..with the wonders of the internet there were numerous messages on facebook…some  very nice birthday cards…


a new charm for my pandora bracelet..the gift that keeps on giving..


and a pedicure and lunch with my daughter…something to look forward to in July!!

and of course a birthday cake…

IMG_8223 as this ‘bloomin’ birthday draws to a close..I can look forward to yet  another year..onward to 54…

balloons will be a year filled with love, happiness, family, friends ,fun and new  adventures..

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Number 14?


My life is filled with

  • family friends
  • work friends
  • casual friends
  • face book friends
  • blogging friends

..then there are those friends who have been a part of your life  for 30 years or more..

The special ones who have been around for weddings and babies..and all the trials and tribulations of life in general.

I would consider myself most fortunate to be married to my ‘best friend’..he understands me like no one else…

But sometimes you need a night out just for some good old fashioned ‘girl talk’…

and tonight was the night for that..

My girlfriend Robbie came into town from Spruce Grove ,Alberta  this past week and we had a lovely dinner out…


Robbie was maid of honour at our wedding in August 1981..

She is the mother of four boys..and her third son was born the day before Carlie was…

Robbie also went to Mexico with Carlie and I in 2009..


There is a long standing history and we may not talk all the time but when we do it is like no time has past…

Robbie  has also joined the  world of blog-ville..sharing her love of birds with the blogging community…

Oh sure I have known her since 1977 but she is a blogger still the same…so she is my #14…





Wet and soggy…


Home from our maiden camping wound up ending on a  a wet and soggy note…

The best part about coming home is the hot shower and the comfy bed..

The worst part? the cleaning up all the stuff..and the mountain  of laundry..

This time around since we had to pack up in the rain..that meant we needed to set up the trailer and get everything all dry…

We are very thankful that we are able to park the trailer in the underground parking at our condo and pop it up..we got a few strange looks..I think some people have never seen a tent trailer before?


The one bad thing about having a tent trailer is when you have to put it away wet…shove the sides in, close it up …and hope for the best..

Well..the best it wasn’t…..once we had a closer look..I noticed that the pillows, quilt, the cushions, and all the linen that was stored in one of the lower cabinets needed to be taken out….the condo is now full of all this wet stuff from the trailer…

Within a few days it will all be clean and dry…and we can load the trailer up again..

Just another ‘make-work’ project…all in the name of going camping!!


Our summer vacation is only two months away..and we have a dilemma we need to figure out..


The problem is that when the jeep and tent trailer are hitched together..we can’t open the back tailgate wide enough  to let Tucker in and out..


This is okay on a short trip but on a long one it is going to be a problem..


there could be few options..

  • remove the spare tire..but then what do we do with it?
  • move one of the propane tanks but then securing the other one could be an issue?
  • move both propane  tanks closer to the trailer and move the battery up to the front
  • purchase a longer receiver..but then will cables be long enough to reach?
  • the tire crank is also in the way?..

When we went on vacation last year we had Tucker riding up near the front seats..he didn’t like it at all..a long drive with a dog who won’t settle down is no fun…So we know that this option will not work..

..anyone else have an idea that might work..besides leaving the dog at home??



Monday, May 21, 2012

May Long Weekend 2012


The May long weekend is the first weekend of the camping season for most campers, us included..…

The border crossings and the ferries are very busy on this long weekend…everyone is in a hurry to get out of town…


All of us ‘diehard weekend warriors’ venture out into the provincial and state parks in the hopes of having a wonderful camping experience.

Planning ahead is a key component to a successful camping experience…


The Discover Camping website allows reservations to be made up to three months in advance..while the State Parks are nine months ahead of time…


The one thing that cannot be controlled is the weather…planning that far in advance is a great guarantee that you will have a campsite but whether or not the weather will co-operate is whole different thing.


Our choice for our first outing for 2012 was our favourite State Park…Birch Bay, Washington..


We have been coming here since 2002..and have many pleasant memories of camping and picnicking on the beach… photo taken circa 2002..with our first Golden Retriever..


Our campsite is #73….booked in August 2011..


..we call this one the Dead-man site…one year we were camped next door in #74 and the gentleman that was camped in #73..died down at the hence the name..


..Friday was a great day…all set up in no time..and then we headed to the beach…


Tucker enjoyed a game of keep-away with two Boxers..named Portia and Fenway..

2012_05_181 swimming for Tucker..just sit and admire the view..there is plenty of time to get wet!!


Saturday morning dawned with blue skies and warm temperatures!..perfect..


this is Murphy..the two year old beagle that belongs to our neighbours..he liked to come and visit Tucker..


We spotted this license plate and it reminded it of our friends, Gord and was attached to a 40 foot tag-axle motorhome..

We spent our morning shopping in Bellingham..meeting Carlie at the Cost Cutters..she had come down for a visit…


Tucker was happy to see her…the unconditional love of a golden....

We spent the afternoon on the beach..basking in the warm sunshine…


and of course, ‘you know who’ had to go for a swim..


family portrait front of our favourite piece of driftwood..


the sun was nice and warm..finally a beautiful day..


..yet another golden moment..


..please Dad..can I go swimming again??....


..we rounded out the day with Spaghetti Dinner..a sunset..


and a real campfire..


can we go to bed now??..I am so tired…


Sunday morning the weather changed dramatically….the skies opened up and the torrential rain began..


we sat under the awning trying to enjoy this change in the weather..


..but before long..we were inside the trailer..


knitting..reading and an afternoon nap filled our Sunday..


..Dinner was made by 5:00..

Barbequed Chicken, Potatoes and Cesar Salad..


nice and cozy eating inside..

It was after dinner that our plans took a turn…we had both decided that history was repeating itself…..rain out yet again…..

We packed up and headed home after dinner…It seems to us that the May long weekend may be the most popular but it is the most unpredictable when it comes to the weather…

Just once it would be nice if the weather man would be wrong in a good way…

So as the May long weekend comes to an end…we have one  thing to be thankful for…that we were not in a tent!!!

Aww nuts…

How on earth does someone do a recap of the past seven months?… The last post that I did was on May forward to today, December 3...