Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Last Hurrah..


60 vacation days are coming to a close..the month of August is almost done..and September will be upon  us before we know it..


I have always felt like September is the beginning of a new year..more so than January..


Don’t know why but maybe it stems from having a child going to school..not that she has been in regular school since 2003..


This last  full week of my vacation has gone by very quickly…

I had a few things to do..

  • mammogram
  • optometrist visit
  • passport photos
  • passport drop off
  • lunch with my daughter in downtown Vancouver
  • and get ready for our last summer camping trip

It has been a busy week that has gone by very quickly..

IMG_8717 this weekend the forecast is for sunshine and warm temperatures..

We are heading east..192 Manning Park..and the Coldspring Campground..

Fullscreen capture 30-Aug-2012 213447

no cell service, no internet, no flush toilets..yes, we are going to be ‘roughin’ it for our last summer ‘hurrah’..

There will be no checking emails, face book or blog reading or commenting..just us and Mother should be fun..a little escape from the normal routine..


Will there be ‘wild animals’?..bears, deer, birds, squirrels, chipmunks?


..So tomorrow afternoon  as we head out with all the other ‘weekend warriors’..we wish for safe travels, a good campsite and quiet, pleasant weekend..

See you all on Monday..stay tuned for the ‘last hurrah recap’..


Sunday, August 26, 2012

all good things…


Our last few days at Brae Island Regional Park were quiet and peaceful..

No pictures were taken other than a few last night..

On Friday I drove back home to pick up was hard to go home..and leave the simple camping life behind even for just a few hours..


We all arrived back around dinner time..and before we knew it the day was done..

Saturday was  a quiet day..Carlie came for lunch..and then the afternoon was filled with naps, reading and knitting..oh and a few walks on the beach..

We also rescued our neighbour's black lab..seems that her family went to the pool and left her tied up outside..and she turned into Houdini..escaped her harness, and was wandering the field, beside us..

They were most grateful when they returned, and rewarded our kindness with a $10 gift card for Tim Horton’ nice o f them, but totally unnecessary..

The campground was full as was the beach….a lot nicer during the week, when it is not as busy..


Sunday we packed up and were home before 12:00…laundry done, grocery shopping and passport photos also taken..

and so begins yet another work week..and my final week of vacation..

All good things must come to an end..but there is still one more weekend?..Manning Park.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Paw prints in the sand..


Our anniversary celebration yesterday concluded with Doug and Carlie coming to the campground for dinner..

We had steak, prawns, Caesar salad, potatoes and Vanilla Bean Cake for dessert..

It was nice to have some company other than the ‘four-legged kind’..

Three lovely cards and a box of ‘Cookies by George’ rounded out the evening..


..we just want to say thank you to everyone who wished us a ‘Happy Anniversary’!..hard to believe that 31 years have past..

Today was a quiet day..

Tucker didn’t get out of bed until almost 11..


yes, that is a ‘stinky boy’..snuggled into the pillows..

Laundry Tucker..

2012_08_23 did ‘rain’ ..for a few minutes..but then the sun came out..yet again..



..there was a few walks on the beach..



..sure nice to have it all to ourselves..just me and my ‘wet golden boy’..


..the only ‘paw prints in the sand’ were Tucker’s ..

2012_08_232 is so peaceful to walk along the  edge of the water with no noise, no people, no other dogs..


just the sound of four paws running and splashing in the water..


..the blackberries are looking ripe for the picking?


.. and the sunset tonight..


..and my tired ‘boy’ waiting to go to bed..


..our last full day just me and the ‘sunshine boy’ is done..…even though we are only about 20 minutes from home..sure feels like ‘we’ are on vacation..

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

31 years ago…


On this day 31 years ago, at 4:00 p.m I married my very  ‘best friend’..he understands me like no one else…


so young we full of hopes and dreams…


now 31 years we are still filled with hopes and dreams..just different ones..


Happy Anniversary to my darling husband!..Love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow..


Cheers to at least 31 more anniversaries!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A bloomin’ great day!


Day two at Brae Island Regional Park..

It is amazing how quiet it is here, especially after being parked beside the ‘highway’ last weekend..

I slept for 11 hours…and even at 9:15 in the morning  it was still quiet..

Breakfast was over quickly and then we headed to the water for a ‘dip’..


we had the beach to ourselves..lots of room to run and splash..

In the afternoon we walked into the town of Fort Langley..


..and yes, I tied Tucker to a tree and went inside a few of the stores..he waited patiently..


lots of flowers blooming..



I purchased my ‘winning lotto 649 tickets’….hey, you never know..

and we headed back over the Jacob Haldi Bridge….2012_08_214

..and swim number two for today..


the balance of the afternoon was spent reading and knitting..


..there was time for one more pictures were taken of number 3…you know the drill..wet, stinky but very happy dog..

and when we returned, yet again..  I do believe that  a tired dog is a happy dog?

..naptime when we got back to camp..


‘Bart’ is waiting on the blog being done….but first…

2012_08_216 more walk around the campground after dinner ..and we spotted this..all decked out in Christmas regalia!!


I have heard of ‘Christmas in July’?..but August?..I have no idea what is up with these campers? is very festive, that is for sure..


we are all ‘tucked in’ for the night..just wondering where I am going to sleep..looks like ‘someone’ is taking up the whole bed..

Monday, August 20, 2012

Bart is back!



A sunny warm day in Fort Langley..a perfect summer day…


I arrived with Tucker and 'Bart’ just after lunch.


The jeep was unloaded and all the ‘stuff’ was put away in no time..

Now what are we going to do?


sit in the chair and enjoy the sunshine..


read a book..knit…

take the dog to the water so he can swim..not once but twice..

that pretty much summed up my day..

Bart is working on his tan..or is he holding down the chair until ‘Doug’ gets here?


Tucker is now having a nap….tired from all that swimming and running on the beach…


Just a perfect day in his ‘little world’ if only his Dad would show up..he keeps popping his head up every time he hears a car..IMG_9859 

the campground is pretty empty today but I am sure as the week progresses it will slowly start to fill up…


I went down towards the water tonight just to catch the sun  going behind the was a bit difficult to take the photos and hold Tucker back..

IMG_9861 wet dogs after dinner..don’t think he comprehended that but too bad..


the Jacob Haldi spans the Bedford Chanel between Fort Langley and McMillan Island..


..then I spotted this little bunny..look at the little white cottontail?..isn’t he cute?


Tucker startled the poor thing and  it scampered into the bushes..


..all in all we had a good day….so I will just end this by saying thanks for reading along..

good night everyone..


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