Tuesday, April 30, 2013

and April continues..

Day 106: How about this 'beauty'? a step back in time to the 60's..the words peace, love and 'flower power' come to mind?

photo (10)

Day 107: 'Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where the birdies is?' there was a wood pecker in the tree just beside our sundeck but he was being very 'bashful'..so instead we have 'blooms' for day 107!


Day 108: 'LOST'..
the realization of what you would have to deal with to replace all the items inside..and then there is the the ‘relief’ when it is ‘FOUND’!…yes it is well worn but such a ‘welcome sight!’


Day 109: something to 'ALEVE-I-ATE' the aches and pains..


Day 110: The ‘trademark’ mittens..IMG_1170

Day 111: the ‘eagle has landed?’


Day 112: 'A creature of habit?'..for the last 7 years this was the 'holder of the blueberry juice' every day that Doug went to work..and then tonight it met it's demise..fresh from the dishwasher..nicely 'cracked'..no long will it be the 'holder of the juice'..a sad day, as it is the end of an era!


Day 113: every day we pass by this 'standpipe' in the stairwell when we take Tucker out to do his 'business'..never really thought about it but it's nice to know it is so close, just in case there is a fire!


Day 114: The 'rhodies' are bloomin'


Day 115: 'Vintage'..does that just mean 'old'?..this 8mm movie camera belonged to Doug's dad..in perfect condition and may not be worth much in dollars but sometimes it is not about the money!


Day 116: The rule at our house is that the last one out of bed has the 'duty to make the bed'..this morning the last one up has 'four paws'..what do YOU think the chances are he will abide by this 'rule?'


Day 117: a nice way to start the weekend..one steamed milk with two shots of vanilla and caramel drizzle!..thanks to my favourite 'barista'!!


Day 118: a Sunday morning walk on the dyke in Pitt Meadows..it was 'dandi-lion' heaven for the golden boy..his ball, water to swim in and no leash!!


Day 119: 'coloured glass'


Day 120: the trees are filling in and soon we won't be able to see 'the forest for the trees?'


.and so ends yet another month..Spring is here and soon Summer will not be too far behind..

this ‘daily photo’ project has taken on a ‘life of it’s own’ and can be difficult some days to find something to photograph..but the ‘perseverance’ to complete the task continues..120 down..only 245 more to go..

Sunday, April 21, 2013



This weekend we managed to escape the confines of our ‘life on the lower mainland’..


..it was a wet, rainy drive on late Friday afternoon, as we headed towards the town of Merritt..and then once we reached the Coquihalla Summit, down over the other side and there was the blue sky!

..there was some hope for the weekend to be sunny?

Destination was the N’kwala Forest Service Campground on the banks of the Nicola River..


..a ‘free campsite’…yes, you read that correctly..FREE!..the only amenities are outhouses, sans toilet paper and picnic tables…


..and the campground was empty..except for us and a deserted trailer parked a few spots down..


..Tucker was able to run free..


..perfection in his eyes..water and no leash!

..the pinecones were aplenty..


..as were the ‘ducks?’..I am sure someone out there in blogville can identify these two?


..Dean and Theresa came for a visit on our rainy Saturday..we had a campfire and roasted hotdogs..


..the rain continued through the day and into the night..there was even fresh snow on the mountains..


..we stayed inside the trailer after dinner..


..the blanket continues to ‘grow’..

and the Disaronna ‘level’ shrinks..


..this morning it was snowing when we woke up…is this not April?..

As we were packing up, there was an eagle fishing in the river..he managed to catch a fish and then sat in the tree and admired his ‘find’..



We decided rather than enjoying a leisurely morning, we were loaded up and ready to go within two hours..IMG_1201

..and headed towards home..

We made the decision to take the Fraser Canyon instead of the Coquihalla..a bit longer of  a drive but at least there would be no snow on the roads.


..but there was ‘animal sightings’..first some deer..

and then some big horn sheep..


..this one even decided he had an itch and stopped to scratch..


..it is a bit longer of a drive and the only snow was on the mountain tops..IMG_1211

..so as our ‘weekend filled with ‘Silence’ comes to an end..


..we are already thinking of trip #3 for 2013..

Monday, April 15, 2013

April showers bring May flowers?

Day 91: We don't normally pick up 'hitchhikers' but this one joined us yesterday somewhere between Merritt and Boston Bar..and hung on for the ride home to Coquitlam!


Day 92: the 'essentials' this week..'someone' isn't feeling too well..


Day 93: A 'bloomin' star magnolia!


Day 94: 'lightening the load'..just a few of the electrical appliances we had in the trailer..not going to necessary to bring these along on the next trip..no 'current bush' where we are going!!


Day 95: out and about in our 'complex'..a small 'city' within a larger one..Lakeside Terrace has more than 500 condos that people call home..we have lived here for almost 10 years..where has the time gone?


Day 96: 'Where is that darn doctor?..does he not know that I am waitin'?..Today was the 'boys' annual checkup at Newton Animal Hospital...both passed with flying colours..good to go for another year!photo

Day 97: I wonder if they come in 'orange',  Mr. Winnebago?..cause if they did wouldn't it look mighty fine behind our jeep?

photo (3)

Day 98: I wonder what it's like?..living in the clouds?

photo (4)

Day 99: there is a new 'kitty' in our neighbourhood!


Day 100: hard to believe that I have taken a photo a day for 100 days!..the tools needed to complete this daunting task?..three cameras have been used in the past 100 days...the Canon power shot SX20, the Olympus small digital camera  and my trusty I-phone!

photo (6)

Day 101: 'once a Costco shopper always a Costco shopper..Stocking up day today!!


Day 102: "momma, does this fridge make my 'butt' look big?"


Day 103: a quick trip to a 'winter-wonderland?' I-5 near Mount Vernon..it was April last time I looked?


Day 104: As the sun sets on yet another weekend
I wonder where the hours went?..from cleaning and organizing, to shopping, cooking, laundry and ironing..back to work for a rest!


Day 105: my latest knitting project..just started this on Saturday..maybe this blanket will be done by September?


..just a short note to say our thoughts are with all of those affected by the tragedy in Boston, today.


Aww nuts…

How on earth does someone do a recap of the past seven months?… The last post that I did was on May 16..fast forward to today, December 3...