Friday, August 29, 2014

Termination Pending?

As summer is winding down there is that feeling of ‘where has the time gone’..soon it will be time to head back ‘home’ and back to the reality of ‘life on the coast’..


I am glad we had the opportunity to experience working in a Provincial Park..there have been some trying moments but all in all it has been a good trial run.


…this past week we purchased a new ‘proper’ mattress ..gone is the very uncomfortable one that came with the well spent!!


we also celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary with a dinner out at the Quilchena Inn..

2014_08_22 was nice to escape the confines of the park..the food was delicious..


Cesar salad, pot roast and pecan pie!!

..Labour day is upon us here at the park..the campground will be busy..filled with campers trying to get one last long weekend full of camping fun!

We only have one more day to work and our ‘termination date’ will be here..

On Sunday we will be heading back home together for the first time since July 6th..

It will be strange to be back in less than 250 square feet has made me realize how ‘less is more’ is simple when you live in a small space.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Not ready..


As the summer camping season is winding down I am having a little pang of ..’no, it can’t be almost over yet?’


I know that Doug is getting tired of the weekly commute..the traffic is  ‘painful’  on Sunday afternoons as he heads back to the coast to his regular job..

He is trying hard to be a good ‘sport’ about leaving me here to  go back ‘home’…as he left today I thought I don’t think I could do what he has done over the past couple of months..


He is ready for me to ‘come home’..but am I ready?

The past couple of weeks  has been pretty quiet and we have not been doing too much other than working..


Tucker has been busy ‘chewing poor Wilson’ to shreds’ least he is productive!


We did have the pleasure of meeting Steve and Dianne Colibaba..they pulled into Monck Park this week and we managed to chat for a few minutes while they were trying to decide which campsite they wanted or rather needed?..


They have a very large rig and trying to find a campsite in a provincial park could prove to be difficult..but they lucked out and found one that was suitable..


This weekend we spent a few hours chatting with our new ‘friends’..some wine and beer and great conversation was the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon..


We wish them safe travels as the venture on  to a ‘parking place’ travels to you both!

hope that our paths will cross one day soon!! last photo of the resident doe..


Thanks for reading along..only two more weeks and we will be heading home, together!..but doing that also means I will be going back to my ‘regular job’..hard to fathom that summer vacation  is almost over..

Monday, August 4, 2014

Shaking the week off..

Our first few weeks of working at Monck Park are done..


We had the luxury of having a couple of days off while Doug and Toni had to hold ‘down the fort’..and work hard they did..


We went to N’kwala Forest Recreation Campsite ..if it looks familar that is because we have been there before..two springs ago..



this time round it was much warmer and there were a few more campers..


we stayed for a few hours..basking in the warm sunshine while Tucker swam in the Nicola River..


IMG_3766IMG_3753IMG_3763 was a nice way to spend the morning..feet up..reading a book..

A great way to ‘shake the week off…


..once we got home we continued sitting outside under the awning enjoying the warm sunshine..that was until..we noticed a few wasps flying into our furnace vent..

Armed with wasp spray, Doug made quick work of the nest they had started..we plugged the holes..


at least hopefully that will work until we can purchase a screen..

This morning Doug left for ‘home’..his two week vacation is done and now he has to head back to his job on the coast..but not before he had ‘rid Tucker’s water bowl of three mice that decided to take a swim’..ewww..thank goodness he was still here!

There were no pictures taken of the ‘swimmers’..


I am trying really hard to rid my brain of that ‘picture’.. and yes I ‘screamed like a girl’..

from now on, there will be no water bowl left outside..

thanks for continuing to read along with Bigdawg and Freeway.


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