Tuesday, February 24, 2015

No one said it would be easy?


After a busy week of appointments and two trips to Fort Langley to drop off some stuff at the trailer…We can now say, that yes..

It has all been worth it..

We have persevered through all the  sorting, tossing and purging..and purging some more..


Our ‘dream’ has become a reality…



The ‘four feet and eight paws’ are now settled into the ‘rolling white box’..



Doug’s last day of work was on Friday..

A ‘retirement’ lunch..a card filled with good wishes and two gift cards..

a great send off..

doug retirement card

We do still have some cleaning to do at the condo and remove the last ‘dregs’ of stuff that is being donated but for now we are going to enjoy our new ‘life’..we can think about that ‘stuff’ next week..


time to enjoy the weekend…

Our ‘home for the next month is Brae Island Regional Park, in Fort Langley..


if it looks familiar..that is because we have stayed here numerous times over the past few years..



The temperatures over the weekend gave us a ‘gentle reminder’ that it  is still February..

buddy heaterjust a tad chilly

..there was time for walks..


and time for the Daytona 500..


..we just hung out for a few days..trying to decompress from the transition..but we knew we still had one more task to complete and that was keeping us from truly ‘relaxing’..

We ventured back into the big city of Port Coquitlam today and completed the task of ‘cleaning the rental condo’..There was a large ‘damage deposit’ to be received as long as the condo condition met with the approval of the landlord..


..we passed with flying colours..nothing to fret about..

so this is the ‘end’ of our life in a ‘sticks and bricks’..onwards to the next phase..



Sunday, February 15, 2015

Last and first?

It was a day of ‘lasts’.. Friday, February 13, 2015..my final day of actual work..

The last ‘coffee break’..the last ‘lunch break’..


and the ‘final send-off’….no real speeches..no tears..just  the way I wanted it to be..


flowers, balloons, cake, cards a book filled with warm wishes, that .. and a very ‘generous monetary gift’..

I was feeling very blessed to be  a part of such a ‘great work family’..so nice to be appreciated..

retirement 1

..a final ‘party’ that evening at a local Greek/Italian Restaurant..


a fun, few hours filled with good food, wine and some great work-peeps!!!!

..With all the festivities over..the weekend dawned early and we were off for a day of ‘firsts’..

Trailer out of the storage compound..hooked up and ready to go to it’s first ‘home’ as we embark on our new adventure..


..Transition time has begun..the truck was loaded..and within an hour we had the trailer backed into it’s first campsite of 2015..

Brae Island Regional Park in Fort Langley will be where we will decompress and begin the  arduous process of transitioning from our rental condo to life in a ‘house on wheels’..


..It was a busy process as we unloaded and put the contents of the bins away..


..the fog was ever present for most of the weekend..


We both managed to stay focused enough to get the ‘first load’ of items dealt with..

There was a couple of ‘small repairs’ that needed to be  fixed..but before long we were settled in for the night..


Since it was Valentine’s Day and our grocery supplies were very minimal to say the least.. we headed into Fort Langley and enjoyed a ‘celebratory dinner’ at a local pub..


…as the weekend draws to a close..we have a busy week filled with doctor’s appointments..eye exams..


….there is more packing to do and lots of cleaning this week..no ‘rest’ for this ‘retired gal’…

..phone calls to make to cancel all the ‘utilities’..and a few change of addresses need to be sent..

..the ‘to do’ list keeps growing..…better get busy again..

stay tuned for more once we are ‘settled’..

Tuesday, February 10, 2015



Time is going by very quickly..

We had a few big items that we still needed to be rid of..

One ad on Craig’s list  and over 150 responses..we went from this..


..to this,  in one afternoon..

love what you have done to the place

..don’t you love what we have done to the place?

good thing we made a trip to the trailer, otherwise we would be sitting on the floor..

“Momma, where has all the furr-niture gone?..you got some ‘splainin’ to do?

where did the furrniture go momma

…”there is going to be ‘adjustments’ PO-man..just wait and see..

A house on wheels for all of us to share..you’ll see..

soon very soon, no longer will you be left behind, and you will be just as famous in ‘blogville’ as your ‘brother’..”


..at least that’s what we are trying to tell him..don’t know if he is believing us..

We still had a few more things to organize..

from socks and underwear to

sheets and pillowcases


to towels and facecloths..


..we are down to the wire now and things are coming together..we have come along way in the past six months..

..soon we will be done with our jobs …and the transition time will begin..

The clutter is gone and pretty much all that is left is the items that will be coming to the trailer with us and some more boxes for our local Value Village..by the time we are done we will be on a ‘first name basis’ with the guys at the back door of our local VV.


Three more days to go..

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Mixed Emotions?


June 30, 1976 was my first day of employment at RCH..over the past 38 plus years I have made many friends..some are just more special than others..

Some people the connection is easy and the friendships continue even when the working is done.

I have been most fortunate to have a few of those kinds of friends during my working life..

People come into your work  life and they also leave,  be it job changes or retirement..

These past couple of months have been both exciting for us as we are counting down the days to the next phase in our lives…

ct flowers

but it has also been very sad..a lady I work with..one who was one of those ‘special people’..was diagnosed with ‘terminal cancer..

It was been difficult to be happy about our lives when she is fighting for hers…

She was a bright ray of sunshine everyday..always happy and smiling..everyone loved her..

A little dose of reality as to how short life really is..

after less than two months since she was diagnosed she passed away last Thursday..

Heaven gained an angel this week..Rest in Peace, Val..10941828_10155138232485304_8820447680890193173_n

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Single digits?


Yes, we are down to ‘single digits’..

No, I am not talking about: fingers or the temperature..

If you have been paying attention, you know we are talking about our ‘countdown’ to our ‘next life’..


‘a much appreciated gift from our dear friends’..won’t take up much room but the love and support we received from them surely will’


Yes, it seems that once you realize you only have ‘one life’..this realization makes you want to start on your ‘next  life’…sure wish I was a cat with nine lives?


So, yes I have been guilty of ‘counting down’ the days for the past few months..

But now the numbers have hit the ‘single digits’..

The day that I have been ‘counting down to’ will be here in nine more working days..


Has there been any ‘freak-outs’ ..no, just a few sleepless nights as we try and figure out our ‘transition phase’..

So for those of you who have made that ‘transition’ from ‘house to rv’ you know exactly what I  am  talking about..

I won’t bore you all with the day to day, purging and re-organizing that has been going on over the past few weeks, but let’s just suffice to say that ‘we are getting there’..


Yes, the process of ‘downsizing’ can be trying at times but the reality of the ‘freedom’  out-weighs all the time that we have spent over the past few months..sorting, selling and donating. 

One day soon this will be a ‘distant memory’..and for that we will both be most grateful..

It has been long road since that summer in 2008..but now the ‘new beginning’ is becoming a reality.


 stay tuned..there will be more to come..


Aww nuts…

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