Thursday, May 21, 2015

Awesome Possum?


Yet again I have left my blog writing by the wayside..each day that has gone by in the last month and a bit I have thought..oh I will  blog tomorrow night..tomorrow night comes and still nothing!


So here I am over a month seems rather overwhelming to try and recap each day since my last post..literally impossible as far as I am concerned..


We have been busy raking  cleaning, painting and burning....earning our ‘keep’…



is how we see it..working hard..


but we are still having fun..



its great to see the vast improvement on the look of the park  from when we began on April 15th..


We can see the difference but we sure hope that the campers will notice all the hard work that has gone into getting the park ready for the 2015 camping season..


Even if they don’t that’s okay too..we just want the campers to be happy and enjoy their stay!


The park officially opened on May 1st..and we had about 20 campers for that weekend..


The big weekend is of course, the May long weekend..

The park was full to the brim with campers in our overflow too..


Lots of work but so worth it to see  everyone enjoying themselves..

Got to love the sounds of happy campers!..we had a few large groups but on the whole the weekend was a ‘success’..

..and then there was the mass exodus..and things were back to normal..


..we even have had some time to visit with  blog readers, Doug and Aileen Priestly and their friends, Betty and Bill Easthope..


They, of course wanted to meet Tucker..he is the famous one..we just tag along for the ride..


Now, of course we don’t work all the time..we do get days off and today was one of them..

We made the trek to the Logan Lake area..


and then we ventured to Tunkwa Provincial Park..

We met two of the three Park Operators that have been working there for a few years..

This park has 275 sites..hard to fathom with just three workers ..the park is so clean!..kudos to them and all their hard work!!



We had a nice afternoon sitting by the lake..eating our lunch and watching Tucker swim laps!


IMG_4308 there you have my ‘awesome possum’ recap of the last 33 days..

Tomorrow is the beginning of another work week….

I will be sure not to get so far behind again..or at least I hope so!

Aww nuts…

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