Saturday, September 26, 2015

Earning our ‘keep’

September 17-26, 2015

The time here in Keremeos goes by very quickly..


almost two  weeks have passed and I don’t even know what we have really done in that time..


Sure there were chores and such..just normal stuff..

We made a few trips to Penticton to do some shopping ..and one trip  to Osoyoos to visit our ‘winter home’..


just to check things out…more on that at a later date…


We  went to Haynes Point Provincial ‘you know who’ could go for a swim..they have a great dog beach there!


We have been here before but Tucker was much younger..



..not too sure if he remembers that far back but he is not one to care about if he had been here before?


..the only bad thing about him going swimming is that it turns into a ‘make work’ project in the name of laundry..


..stinky dog blankets washed at the ‘good ole Laundromat’..yes we have been here before too!


so as ‘farm life’ continues..

the ‘poop’ gets picked up..


 ..and hauled away on the tractor..



..and there is ‘yet another’ supervisor?…



We even had time to venture into the town of Omak..

This is the small border crossing called ‘Knight Hawk’..

IMG_0758 was a quick trip for the usual ‘American items’ that us Canadians usually purchase..milk, cheese..and gas..

With the exchange on the US $ some things are cheaper but not all items..sure there is the  fact that wine and beer is less money but just doing a day trip we cannot purchase any of those items..

IMG_0759 as our days are winding down in Keremeos, today was filled with ‘Pink and Blue’ chores..

Defrosting the fridge..

IMG_0762IMG_0761 load of laundry..and some housework…and a few rows of knitting..


a roast in the crockpot..


..and the ‘blue’ chores were never ending today..

moving sprinklers..

horse poop pick up

washing and waxing the trailer..


..check the air in the tires, lubricate the slide..

..there was time for  a ‘chin-wag session’..


..a run in the orchard..


..a nap outside..such a tough life..


..and there you have it..a recap of the last nine days..only  two  more days  and the wheels will be turning again..

..just a foot note..we purchased a wifi booster antenna from this has sure made life much easier…


..we have gone from one little ‘bar’ to five ‘bars’IMG_0778…$39.95 well spent!!


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The green green grass of home?

September 13-15 2015

Time to head towards ‘home’..


We were packed up and hooked up before 8am..


The only ones out on the road were the ‘cows’..


..within about a half hour we were at the sani-dump in Logan Lake…no one here but us..IMG_0706

..with a quick dump and a donation to the city of Logan Lake , we were on our way..


..beginning to look a lot like Fall..our favourite time of year..


..we were in Princeton just after 1030..time for quick bite to eat..and then it was the last leg of our journey towards Keremeos..


..backed into our newly ‘gravelled spot’..sure will be nice not to be parked in a ‘mud pit’ when the rain comes!IMG_0712

..the green green grass of ‘home’..


..being parked on the ‘farm’ of Ron and Karen..there are always chores to it ‘horse poop’ to pick up or ‘rotten pears’…


..we are always ‘game to earn our keep’..there are many jobs to be done…’pink or blue’ doesn’t really matter..we just help out!


….we are allowed to leave the ‘confines of the farm’..once in a while..


Today the ‘boys’ had an appointment at the vet in Penticton..IMG_0727

..’Po’ went first..weight 13 pounds, temperature..rabies shot..and the other annual shots..and one heartworm pill..and he was done..


..and then it was the ‘big boy’s turn’…he weighed in at 84 pounds, three pounds less than two years ago..but the vet said he should lose a few pounds, since he is a ‘senior’ now..


Poor Tucker..good thing ‘Auntie Dianne’ is gone for a few months..a ‘lack of cookie diet’ is in his future..


He got his temperature taken too, his annual distemper/parvo rabies..not due till next year and he also received his bordotella (kennel cough)..The vet tried the syringe in the mouth first but he wanted no part of he got the injection instead.. quick nail trim and we were done..

our bank account is  down  a couple $100 but worth it knowing that our boys are healthy and looked after..


…now that my blog is caught up we can sit back and relax for a few days once the chores are done..

stay tuned for more…


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